Lady GaGa Dance Classes Hit London BIG TIME

Walking to the tube station at 5PM any day here in London you’re bound to be handed a newspaper or a flyer for something. Well one day while walking to the tube on my way home from classes a nice young gentleman with a blond wig on his head handed me a flyer.

<– This flyer was for the GYM BOX and it promoted Let’s Go GAGA dance fitness classes. If it were worth the 60 pounds or whatever it is to join this gym and work out to Lady Gaga I have to say I might

actually do it. I mean, its one thing to work out … its another thing to work out Gaga style whatever that means, but it sure does seem interesting. Think about it, what could these classes entail? Freakish dance moves, kinda like Michael Jackson’s thriller video for a straight 60 minute dance class and crawling on the floor or out of white coffin like things? Clearly this guy was not too thrilled I stuck my little handy dandy camera phone in his face, but I’m sure he didn’t mind that much.

All in all Lady Gaga is not only a big hit in the USA she’s an even bigger hit here in London. I don’t know if I was mistaken, but my gym in New Jersey did not have Lady Gaga dance classes… but it might as well!

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