I Need To Be LESS HIGH MAINTENANCE….Yea Okay Bethanny Frankel

I’ll never forget the day, two years ago on my yearly winter break vacation in Aruba with my dad, dear old Miss Bethanny Frankel, the new apparent “celebrity” from Housewives of New York decided to tell me on the beach in Aruba that I was too high maintenance at the age of 19. I’m sorry but I had a very hard time taking advice from this classy woman on the left. As you can see, her morals and values are definitely good enough to be giving advice to a young girl like myself… NOT.

I figured it would be entertaining to listen to what this woman had to say, so I sat and smiled and listened carefully, hoping she had at least one intelligent piece of advice to give me. She sat on the beach and explained how when she packed for Aruba, she simply packed a carry on because she could not be bothered with having to check her luggage. Apparently, men don’t like women who are too “high maintenance” and check luggage. So the fact that she packed one plain black bikini, one pair of black heels, one sun dress and a pair of jeans, and I didn’t … made me too high maintenance.

The story gets better from there….After a day on the beach with her and her obnoxious sun hat the size of the lounge chair and a couple lectures about how I can only eat one carbohydrate every day and drink only clear alcohol. And I can’t forget the lecture about how packing in a carry-on and being low maintenance as she calls it, will help me find a man in my future; she continued at New Years Eve dinner to talk about one thing… herself. Three hours of dinner with my family, and my best friends’ families and all we heard was yappity yap yap yap… I’m skinny and low maintenance. She forgot the big one… SINGLE. I sat there thinking to myself… by her age, I plan to be successful, happy with my life, married and hopefully have a famiy. Not sitting at a table in the middle of Aruba talking about myself and gaining fame from being an obnoxious single NON-housewife.

If she can get famous by being a NON-housewife on a show about housewives… we might as well all pose like this, get pregnant, do naked photo shoots and write books about how to not eat food, then maybe we’ll gain true “celebrity” status.


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