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Assholes Are Hairy

Pubic hair is something that is totally normal, but often expected to be “groomed” or “removed”. While many people shave their vulva’s, it’s not every day we talk about what to do with our behinds. Just as its normal for a vulva to be hairy, it’s also normal for the anus to have hair around it. What you choose to do with it, if anything at all, is up to you! But you CAN get it waxed, and its actually more common than you think.

At the end of the day, while most people don’t really care if a vulva is hairy or not, a hairless vulva tends to have more sensation and feel more than one that isn’t.

Be careful when waxing or shaving your butthole because it can make you more susceptible to infections, sexually transmitted infections as well. Any time we remove hairs, open pores, or create opportunity for a burn/cut/abrasion, it opens the skin to being vulnerable to infection.

Be extra cautious after hair removal when engaging in vaginal or anal sex, to make sure the skin has time to heal. It’s also important to use other barrier methods, like a dental dam or a condom.


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  1. butt fuzz exists because otherwise you’d sweat like a mother on any ol’ day you manage to work up any sort of sweat and it would show. Hair wicks it away. That and your farts are 10x louder. You get swamp ass easier and more often with a bald behind as well as having it itch like crazy when those hairs grow back. I only went hairless ONCE to figure this stuff out.

    1. agree! this country and new age is hooked on hairless-ness it’s there for a reason! omg you are an ocd case thinking all hair has to go! get a life if u cannot take seeing some normal hair on a butt! I’m a nurse and see a lot…it’s natural!

  2. what a ridiculous opinion. unless a guy is going to eat out your ass you don’t need to wax it. everything the other commenters have said is true – your farts are impossible to conceal, you’re more prone to infection and it would get all sweaty and spotty and gross down there. maybe if you’re overly hairy you might want to, but i dont see why you think every girl has to do this? it looks nicer but the payout is just not worth it if he’s not even seeing your asshole anyway? trim, bleach the hair, but shaving will just produce uncomfortable, horrible stubble that neither of you will enjoy and going to a salon for waxing is tedious, embarrassing and expensive and for people who actually have jobs/lives just not practical.

  3. I’d like to address to pieces of bad advice in the previous posts.

    1. Waxing your asshole will make you dirtier. Please. Ass hair does not magically keep you clean by “wicking away sweat.” Where would it go? You think the hair just makes the sweat disappear? Hair does not keep your butt crack cleaner. In my experience, waxing your ass just makes it easier to keep it clean and awesome.

    2. Butt hair muffles farts. Um, also not true. When I have to fart, first of all I try not to do it in a public place anyway, but sometimes we all have to. The technique of a silent fart has everything to do with your sphincter muscles and nothing to do with your crack hair. If you are relying on a hairy ass to muffle your farts, good luck.

    3. It doesn’t matter. Well, to some of us it does. If you like to have sex with the lights out, then I guess it may not matter to you or your man. I used to be embarrassed about my body, but since I started embracing my love of sex, I started enjoying it a whole lot more. Now I make eye contact with my man, I watch the muscles in his ass pump when he ***** me. I love watching his body and I love watching mine. I have really started to enjoy the visual aspect of sex, and the common thought is that men are even more visually driven than we are. That means that HE probably wants to see what he is doing. Look at porn for men. It is chock full of vag and asshole closeups because that is something they ENJOY. You do all sorts of things to keep up appearances. Some of them your boyfriend might notice, but this one I GUARANTEE he will love. Instead of trying to ignore the couple of wiry little hairs sprouting from your butthole, he can focus on adoring you.

  4. I am a male, for the record. I shave behind there on a weekly basis as well as the front. I was with a woman recently who had this issue and I found it to be a major turn-off. Call me OCD, but I prefer a woman to be completely hairless down there, in the back (lower back and butt) and on her arms. Women with excess hair is just not something I enjoy. Now, every woman and ever male, for that matter, has their own choices to make. If there was a girl I actually liked, I would bring it up and ask her to consider it.

  5. last night i had some chips from the chip shop. i asked for tomato ketchup. the resulting ketchup to chip ratio was significantly higher than i would have liked.

  6. I don’t think there is a right or wrong here. If you like/don’t mind having hair, great, if you don’t, great. Find someone who accepts you for who you are. Whether that be hairy or hairless. There are men out there who like hair, not every guy is the same. At the end of the day it’s your body and you should do whatever you want with it, regardless of what other people think.

  7. I much prefer a woman who is well groomed…. A little hair around her ass doesn’t bother me unless it’s excessive…. A small well trimmed landing strip above her pleasure zone is fine as long as it’s trimmed… But I love a smooth Yoni any day of the week… Whether waxed or shaved her labia should be smooth as a baby’s bottom… I’m just saying 😳

  8. This was one of the most mysognistics “beauty” articles I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

    Summary of this article: Hey I know its super taboo guys but we have to talk about something serious! Something literally every single human being on the face of the Earth has: nasty, disgusting, unfeminine hair. Where? Your asshole of course duh! Don’t you know every woman is now judged and awarded based on their hairlessness and amount of money they spend altering themselves to fit society’s (read men’s) expectations? Well if you didn’t, now you know! And with your new found knowledge you can now take your disgusting asshole to a salon! Spend your hard earned money on something that is literally going to do nothing but cause you physical pain and possibly expose you to infections, then proudly take your new beautified hairless asshole and wrangle you a man with it. Because everyone knows the key to a mans heart is having the same amount of hair as a prepubescent child. And just think if you never read this article you would’ve never known the very real danger having hair on your anus presents! The danger that somehow, someday when you are engaging in coitus with someone of the opposite sex(because that’s the only sex that counts as sex obviously) that person mid thrust will lose all semblance of arousal upon seeing your fuzzy crack, step back, horrified, stammering “b-b-b-b-booty pubes!!” and run out of your home and down the street screaming with their pants still around their ankles!

    In all seriousness this article does nothing but perpetuate the cycle of corporations and the media exploiting our insecurities for profit. As well as condition and poison young girls into thinking body hair is something to be ashamed of or something you need to change for a man to want you or “approve” of you.

    1. Hi Aurelia, I’m so sorry that this article is still up the way it was written. I began this blog as a junior in college, before I was a professional in the field, and I realized when I read your comment that I needed to go back and change it. I’ve changed the content of the article, and I appreciate your comments bringing the necessary changes to my attention! All my best,

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