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New Fall Shoes!-Over The Knee Leather Boots

Considering the fact that I have a raging shoe addiction, after I saw these shoes on Kim Kardashian on the popular shopping website, which happens to be one of my personal favorites, I knew I just had to have them. With the “over the knee” trend being the hot new look for this fall, and my personal desire to have a pair of over the knee “screw me” boots, as I call them, I ordered these sexy ass shoes. I usually don’t care about what is “in” because just as fast as they’re “in” they’re “out” all over again until the next fashionable person pulls them out of the back of their closet and makes them fashionable again.
But, what are they shoes like? 
The leather is great, not really soft, but looks nice, the zipper is conceled which makes the shoe look even sexier and they’re honestly a bit uncomfortable. There is a wooden platform at the bottom of the shoe which isn’t the most comfortable to walk on but let’s just say, if we’re going by the statement “beauty is pain” these shoes are totally worth it. Find them here: Report Signature Fairfax Over the Knee Boots
 Photos by Franki Roccaforte

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