Stop Whippin’ Willow… You Can’t Even Drive

This new “Whip My Hair” song by Willow Smith kills me. Not only does this song prove that anyone can make music nowadays, it makes me miss my childhood. Remember the days when 10-year-old children played games with their friends, rather than becoming pop stars obsessed with money and this life of “celebrity”? I still have a hard time digesting the lyrics,

“I, i gets it in mmmm yea i go hard
when they see me pull up i whip it real hard
i whip it real hard,real hard,i whip it real hard”

First of all, you gets it in Willow? The last time I heard “get it in” used in a sentence was when one of my girlfriends said, “I’m trying to get it in tonight” use your discretion… but “gets it in” c’mon there is nothing appropriate about a 10-year-old saying that. Then my personal favorite, “when they see me pull up” … hmm, pull up? What are you pulling up in? Your motorized battery-powered Cadillac Escalade from Toys R’ Us? Barbie Bicycle? Girl is 10-years-old, the only thing she is pulling up to is the monkey bars in her nearby playground.

What happened to childhood? Dressing up, arts & crafts, barbies, trucks, power rangers, coloring books and anything else that is actually childish. I feel bad for Willow Smith, cute as a button and I applaud her individuality, but at the age of 10-years old, a child shouldn’t be worrying about his or her “haters” and how to “whip them off,”  he or she should be on a swing set, playing barbies, action figures and house or something. Willow doesn’t get to answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Girl is 10 and already gets it in, is whippin’ off haters and pullin’ up, sounds like my life and I’m almost 22.

This is what I think about when I hear this song, focus on the 52 second mark.

Don’t like it… I’ll whip you off.



  1. hopped up onto your blog while sippin my midnight redbull and saw the words “Stop whippin willow, you cant even drive.” choking

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