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Ciara Can Ride, At Least I Tried.

This past summer my trainer asked me if I had heard this song and when I said “no” he told me I had to go listen to it because I’d love it. Sure enough, I listened to it, and it has a good beat and sexual lyrics so I was bopping along. I wasn’t crazy about the song though, until my friend Troy told me that as little Miss Just Blau Me, I needed to watch the music video for this song.

Sure enough after watching it on Vevo, I found myself in the mirror. I was in my booty shorts, in the mirror, shaking my ass, moving my hips in circles, and doing my own interpretation of this dance just to see if I look as good as she does. Obviously I don’t, let’s be serious, I’m curvy and athletic and my ass jiggles like jell-o because jam just don’t shake like that…but I just can’t be as hot as Ciara. At least I tried!

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