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Is Oral Sex During Your Period Safe?

Is it safe to perform oral sex on a woman who is menstruating? 

One night a guy, we’ll call him Matt* invited a girl over. They began fooling around, and before he knew it, he was performing oral sex on her, when she paused for a moment and nonchalantly removed something from her vagina. He politely asked, “What was that?” At first, he thought maybe it was just a Nuva ring, a circular birth control device that is placed into the vagina, but nope, it wasn’t that either. 

He could not continue pleasing her when he was curious as to what the object was that she just threw onto his floor. Lights off and all, he got out of bed, picked up the object off the floor and opened his bedroom door, there in the light, he saw a bloody tampon. This young boy was a bit surprised and disgusted, and I can’t blame him, he was not aware that this young lady was menstruating, and he had just performed oral sex on her.

It would have been more appropriate if the young woman had explained that she was on her period and using a tampon rather than just surprising this young man by removing it in the middle of fooling around and throwing it on his floor. Now, in the case that she may have accidentally forgotten her tampon inside of her, which, realistically is a common mistake that happens to many women, hopefully the two had been using protection, and recently tested for STD’s and other diseases. But, nevertheless, he has just performed oral sex on a woman with her period, which still left this young man wondering, is it safe to perform oral sex on a woman who is menstruating?

Answer: In theory, according to Dr. Laura Berman, it is safe to perform oral sex on a woman who has her period, although due to negative assumptions, a lack of education and personal preferences, people often choose to wait until they are finished menstruating. However, performing oral sex on a woman at any time, especially while she is menstruating can put you at risk for STD’s and some viruses, so it is best to use a dental dam during this foreplay activity.

If you are not going to use protection, you are essentially always at risk whenever you are sexually active because you don’t know how faithful your partner actually is. To be safe, make sure you and your partner have been tested, and use protection to make sure you’re sexually experimenting as safely as possible. 

Forgetting a tampon inside of your vagina can be smelly, a bit gross and sometimes even dangerous to your health. According to, “Absorbency enhancers in tampons can cause peeling of the mucous membrane, vaginal dryness, ulcers, and lesions. Perfumes and fragrances in some tampons are reported to cause vaginal irritation, allergic reactions, and disruptions of a woman’s microbial balance.”

It can also possibly cause Toxic Shock Syndrome,  which is a severe disease that involves fever, shock, and problems with the function of several body organs that is caused by bacterial toxins. Yet in most cases, if caught in time, forgetting a tampon inside isn’t the end of the world. However, if this happens, you can try removing it yourself, and if you have difficulty, call your gynecologist, local clinic or a doctor and you can have it professionally removed.

It is also important to know that you cannot lose a tampon or object inside of your vagina permanently, it can be taken out. As Lissa Rankin, M.D. says, “think of your vagina as being like a sock. If you lose a banana in a sock… it’s still in the sock.” 

What did you learn?

  • If you use tampons, to avoid unwanted complications, make sure you don’t forget any inside your vagina.
  • You can’t physically lose something inside your vagina.
  • Make sure you and your partner have been tested before any sexual activity to make sure you’re as safe as possible.
  • Performing oral sex on a woman who is menstruating is theoretically safe if both people are disease free. However, it is best to use protection since you cannot trust anyone fully but yourself. 
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**If you have any questions about the validity of this article, please consult your doctor, or a medical professional.
**The only way to be 100% protected from STD’s and other diseases, is by abstaining from sex. But, if you choose to be sexually active, get tested and use protection to be as safe as possible.


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  2. I’m a woman and I’ve been enjoying performing oral sex on menstruating women for decades. My first time was in my early teen years and I loved it and have been doing it ever since.

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