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Sex Appeal: Are Men Hotter With Rosy Cheeks?

What do people notice about you when they first meet you? 


My answer is pretty solid: big brown eyes, a 38-inch behind, which, is especially large for a Jewish woman


ridiculously rosy cheeks

I don’t mind any of those things, in fact, I love my rosy cheeks because I never need to wear blush and I always look like I just had a wild three-sum in the bedroom, even when I woke up in granny panties next to my dog. It’s guaranteed sex appeal, who would hate it?

Rosy cheeks are cute when girls have them, but a new study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology concludes that men appear to be more attractive to women when they have nice rosy cheeks as well! 

The researchers had women manipulate the color of 21 male faces to make them fit into three categories: attractive, aggressive and dominant. Each woman looked at the 21 male faces, altered their coloring and then categorized them based upon personal preferences.

According to the study, women found men with too much red in their face to appear aggressive. However, a slight reddish tinge, particularly in their cheeks to look super hot.


When you think about it, it makes complete sense. The color red is naturally a very sexual color. Think about it, the first words that come to my mind when I’m thinking of anything “red” are love, romance, period, lips, tongue, vagina, and the list could go on.

Allegedly, women started wearing red lipstick because it was a way to attract men, as it resembled their vagina lips, which appear more and more red as they become aroused. This is also why women can also get “pink balls,” yes, they exist! 

In this study there was also a correlation between what is seen as attractive and dominant. I would be willing to bet that this would support the theory that attractive people have dominant personalities. The study states, “dominance, moreover, is likely to explain only a portion of variance in attractiveness, with factors such as symmetry.”  

The study from Evolutionary Psychology also found “affective attributions of red as strong and active have also been found to be consistent across a number of cultures.”

Our bodies skin redness is determined by the oxygenated blood flow, which would explain why when we’re a little excited, turned on, and horny our bodies, particularly our faces become a bit flushed and rosy. 


Look at Aaron Craft from the Ohio Buckeyes… tell me you don’t want to bite those rosy cheeks ? In fact, one of the guys that I used to date has the cutest rosy cheeks of all time, and it’s one of my favorite qualities about him; the fact that he calls me “Mrs.Robinson” is also a plus. 

Now that we have some scientific evidence to prove that women are more attracted to men with flushed rosy cheeks; let it be a note to guys: go do a couple jumping jacks or pinch your cheeks a couple of times before going out tonight, you may be surprised by the amount of attention you receive.

Be rosy, or Just Blau Me. 


    1. Lori,

      The study found that the results of the experiment were relatively the same across different cultures and races. If you love your dark chocolate, I suggest you’ll just have to hope you find some with a little raspberry, if you know what I mean. 😉 Men with darker skin may not show their blushed cheeks easily, yet it still does occur. There are also other body language signs to be attracted to, like his eyes, his smile or even his pheromones! I love dark chocolate too, I suppose you’ll just have to look a little harder, but nothing good comes easy right?

      Best, and thanks for reading Just Blau Me!


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