The Drunken Photo Creeper

128791288758286571People do stupid things when they get drunk, that’s a given. But one guy did something really stupid and it has inspired me to write an article, or better yet, a  “Public Service Announcement: Creepers Still Exist” for ladies and gentlemen out there who go out, get drunk, party hard and make out with people.

Sure, it’s not the smartest or classiest thing to get drunk and go home with someone you just met, but it happens. You would think it’s even better when your friends give you the thumbs up because they know the person, and can vouch for them.

Well, sometimes vouching isn’t as effective or trustworthy as you would think it is.


Booze, breasts, balls, and beats always makes for a great pre-game. Jessie* met Dan* at a pre-game and then went out in the same group of friends and had a great time together. They ended up at the same apartment at the end of the night, drunk, hungry and horny. Jessie asked her good guy friend if Dan was actually a good guy as she doesn’t like randomly hook up with guys after one night out with them but that night she wasn’t opposed to a great make-out session. It’s not like he was getting hard after a whole night of pre-drinking and then more drinking anyway. Jessie and Dan’s mutual friend confirmed, he is a “great guy”.

After one too many drinks, and some sexual chemistry, Jessie went back to Dan’s place and the two of them were sucking face. One thing led to another and in the midst of a hot and steamy make-out session and some fooling around, Jessie saw a bright flash light up Dan’s bedroom.

One flash, two flash, three flash, four, Jessie stopped Dan and realized that it wasn’t just a hot steamy make out session, it was something more. Dan had been taking pictures of Jessie as they were fooling around! Jessie immediately freaked out, yelled at him and insisted that she check his phone and delete the numerous pictures that he had taken of her! How creepy is this guy?

The best part is that the next day he apologized again and explained that he was really drunk and his friend had sent him a picture of the girl he was with that night, so Dan was just trying to send one back to look cool too.

If you ask me, Dan is just lucky that Jessie didn’t tell everyone his name and ruin his reputation. Moreover, he’s fortunate that she didn’t beat the shit out of him like I would have probably done.

I told Jessie, Dan would be sucking on his own testicles, and I would have sent the photo of it to all of his best friends with the caption of “whose got balls now?”

Don’t take creepy photos, it’s weird. Still gunna do it? Just Blau Me.

*Names were changed



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