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Sure, it’s not like eating the icing on a cupcake, but scientists from The State University of New York say that swallowing seminal fluid actually contains mood-altering chemicals which can make women happier!

According to their research, seminal fluid contains chemicals that elevate mood, increase affections, induce sleep (and then you wonder why we’re always so tired after a Blau-job) and even contains 3 antidepressants!

Semen contains another of chemicals along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection, estrone, which elevates mood and oxytocin, which also elevates mood.

It also contains thyrotropin-releasing hormone (another antidepressant), melatonin (a sleep-inducing agent), and even serotonin (perhaps the best-known antidepressant neurotransmitter).


It also claims that women who have unprotected sex are better test takers and are less depressed than women who insist on wrapping it up. That is NOT an invitation to start swallowing semen and forgetting to use condoms, but it is an interesting thought.

According to the study, which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, women who did not use condoms showed fewer depressed symptoms than women who do use condoms. Not to mention, women who claimed to never use condoms showed fewer depressed symptoms than those who weren’t having sex at all.

Next time you give a Blau job and think about spitting it out, ask yourself, would you swallow if you knew it was going to make you happier?


Article from Daily Mail



  1. Hello..i just like to know where to find healthy semen to swallow..i like to see if it really helps with my mood sleep anxiety and pressure.thank you .replied s.a.p.

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