Are You Stuck In The In-Between?

In between it all…


Out of all the douche bags I’ve met, which unfortunately is way too many to count, there have been a couple good ones. Hindsight may be 20/20, and I probably should have kept the few good ones, because they were truly great; I just didn’t like them… for me. I tried explaining to a friend of mine the other day, you can’t like everyone that likes you, but what you can do is explain nicely that it simply isn’t the right time, you’re better as friends, you’re not looking for the same thing, or you can be extra honest and tell them the true reason why you’re not interested in them anymore.

Either way, the truth is, if we had to like and date every guy or girl that ever liked us, we’d be serial daters and I doubt anyone has the time to do that. So, when and if…

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