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Shunga! Vaginal Tightening Gel!

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I’ve heard of many different adult products but this one was definitely a shocker, and not the kind with three fingers. Every woman has the undeniable fear of having children and in turn getting a “loose” vagina. Well, according to a brand called “Shunga Products” they have just the solution to cure our fears!

Their product, Hold Me Tight Gel, [Amazon, $18.99]  is made with natural ingredients and known to have astringent properties which apparently tighten and strengthen the vaginal walls by making them contract.

To use this gel, you’re supposed to put a small amount on your vagina as you would a personal lubricant. Apparently it’s natural antiseptic properties help to defend against infections, but putting this stuff anywhere near a vagina seems like it would create an infection of its own!

I’m interested to know if anyone has used this, or any other herbs with astringent properties known to help with vaginal tightening. If you or anyone you know have used this please share!



  1. I liked the name and packaging SO much that I bought a case. Got all the way home before I remembered I didn’t have a vagina. Oops!

  2. Have used this twice and my partner said there was a noticeable tightening. It is somewhat drying which was good for me but others may need to use lube. Works in 15-30 minutes with very mild tingling at first, I’ve had no problem with any after effects. No infections etc. I’d recommend trying it if you’re like me and have lost muscle tone down there and don’t “grip” your partner like you may have prior to having babies. Also doing regular kegel strengthening exercises will help but this is a good temporary thing to try.

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