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Are You Suffering From GIGM?

grass-is-greenerSome therapists are actually treating clients for “FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.” They claim that people can actually have anxiety about not being involved in daily-life activities. Well, as a therapist to be, I think that people also suffer from something I call GIGM: Grass Is Greener Mentality”

GIGM aka: Grass is Greener Mentality is the thought that there is always going to be someone or something bigger and better out there in the world. Therefore making it hard to appreciate, love and care about the things and people in our lives that we currently have and experience.

Our generation is so consumed by GIGM that we don’t actually love and appreciate what we have when we have it. The saying “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” used to be meaningful, until people stopped caring about what they’ve lost, bur rather couldn’t stop searching for what else is out there.

Although I think NYC suffers from GIGM most because the options seem endless, I suppose every place in the world suffers from it as well. There are good-looking people everywhere, and rather than appreciating and accepting what we have that makes us happy, we feel incomplete and a constant desire to overachieve and get more.

It’s one thing to work hard, and never settle for anything less than you deserve. However, when do we stop searching for more, and stop thinking of “settling” rather start thinking of “falling” for the people and things that deserve us?

Every single man and woman has a fear of settling down with one particular person. Divorce rates are higher than ever, and that’s also due to GIGM as people get married and believe they’ve found their mate, until the going gets tough, and they get going on finding someone bigger, better, prettier, wealthier, smarter, etc.

We live in a world with over 7-billion people and that number is growing daily. We will continue to meet someone new every day. We will fall in love more times than we’re emotionally stable enough to, and we’ll get hurt twice as many times as that.

grass-is-greener-1Maybe if we stop always thinking the grass is greener on the other side, and start thinking the grass is greener where we water it, maybe our generation will start to grow healthy, happy and loving relationships with other people and appreciate the things we currently have.

Nothing good comes easy, everything takes work, and we were born to be real, not perfect;

so stop trying to find perfection, be real, and be you

or Just Blau Me.


**Special thanks to my friend J.S. for the idea that inspired this blog post.**

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