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“A-Spot” in the Vagina

When it comes to pleasing a woman, many people are aware of the clitoris and the g-spot but it’s come to my attention that not many know about the A-Spot.

What is the A-Spot? aka: anterior fornix erogenous zone, AFE or the epicentre.  It is sometimes even referred to as the second G-Spot. It is an erogenous zone of the female anatomy that can lead to vaginal wetness, arousal and when stimulated for a continued period of time it can lead to an intense orgasm.

What does it feel like? The A-Spot is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder.

Reaching the A-Spot may also facilitate a female ejaculation, or as some people call it, “squirting” because it is right by your urethral sponge which fills with liquid as you’re turned on, and releases if you ejaculate.

To reach the A-Spot while fingering: Place both index and middle finger inside of the vagina, and keep your thumb out of the vagina, up as if you’re giving a thumbs up. Doing this will allow your fingers that are inside of her vagina to be close to the vaginal wall, thereby stimulating the G-Spot and hopefully the A-Spot simultaneously.

To reach the A-Spot during sex: In order to reach the A-Spot during sex with your penis, having the woman on top, with her belly touching yours is usually best for this type of penetration. Reverse cow-girl is also a great position for reaching the A-Spot as well.


The A-Spot is located further up inside the vagina from the G-Spot, making it harder to reach. Nothing good comes easy right? Orgasms that are achieved through stimulation of the A-Spot are distinctly different from a clitoral orgasm, and most women say that it’s much more intense. This makes sense since it isn’t massaged or stimulated as often as the G-Spot and clitoris, so when it is, it’s comes with an intensified reaction.

Women also explain that an orgasm from stimulating the G-Spot and the A-Spot differ in sensation based upon each individual. Some women say that an A-Spot orgasm is more intense, while some women say they can’t tell the difference. It’s also important to understand that regardless of how big your penis is, how long it is or how big your hands are, climaxing is not easy.

Some women have experienced just a clitoral orgasm, or orgasms from just the G-Spot or A-Spot; some women haven’t experienced any type of orgasm at all. When it comes to vagina’s and orgasming, it’s kind of like “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”, you have to keep trying different things until you find one that fits just right!

Often times after a clitoral orgasm women experience post-orgasmic sensitivity, which makes touching the vagina a bit uncomfortable. Kind of like how the tip of the penis is extremely sensitive to touch after cumming. While the clitoris may be over-sensitive after an orgasm, A-Spot orgasms can produce very strong orgasmic contractions, however even after climaxing, women do not suffer from over-sensitivity.

If you don’t have a partner to try this with, you can always purchase a vibrator with a long curved body which will easily reach your A-Spot and you can experiment with your body alone. Need advice on choosing a good vibrator? Keep reading!

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  1. Here’s my 2 cents. No one has ever given me a G spot orgasm and not many men are well versed in knowing how to locate the A spot. For me (and we are all different), I like a man on top of me in the missionary position with my legs down as I find the legs over the shoulders position doesn’t hit the A spot and it’s uncomfortable. To stimulate my A spot, a man needs to be long enough for it to reach all the way inside me, and he needs to stroke me deep and slow without withdrawing his penis very far so the friction stays on the A spot. Many men say they can feel a “bump” or little knob. NO toys have given me the kind of stimulation to that spot because what does it for me is actually the upper lip of the head hitting it just right, not too hard, not too fast, not too slow, etc. BTW, not all men or women want to see a hairless vagina. ADULTS have hair and for those who prefer it shaved, I have issues with whether they like children because HAIR IS NORMAL, SHAVING IS NOT!! Grooming to cut it back suits me, but shaving is not an option because I do not want to look like a 10 year old. YES YES, I know these are different times and I still don’t like seeing women portray themselves like that of hairless children. It disgusts me that this is what society has come to like. It isn’t normal!! As for the A spot orgasms, there is nothing else to compare, and not all women squirt, no matter what. The squirting comes from the skene glands, as I understand it, and IMHO, I never want to squirt and have to deal with cleaning THAT up. No thanks, I like myself just the way I am.

    1. Why you are angry and yelling, graphically, at strangers about your sexual preferences and grooming theories is a question you need to ponder.

      1. I’m quite confused about how you feel I am “yelling” at strangers about my sexual preferences? The A-spot is an article about an erogenous zone in the vagina. People are entitled to opinions as are you, but just because you disagree does not make the original author wrong.

      2. To clarify, I get the feeling he was talking about Marie’s nested little rant about how men and women who like a clean shaven vagina are in some respect exhibiting pedophile like behaviour. Didn’t seem like he was picking at the article or the veracity of its claims. Article was very good, but even I had to do a double take at the dump of the, “I still don’t like seeing women portray themselves like that of hairless children. It disgusts me that this is what society has come to like. It isn’t normal!!”. It was VERY judgy, and while it’s her right to have that opinion…. yeah it kinda had nothing to do with what this article was about and I can see why he’d respond like that to it.

      3. Clean shaven is neat in appearance and a woman’s sexual organs are attractive to look at, so who wants to see them hidden behind a hairy bush, and who wants hair in their mouth? Some women do not care to shave their legs, arm pits, or puss. To each his own. Hairy genitalia are indeed a fetish, and a rare one at that.

    2. if you no one reach your spot I think am the guy who fit in you. guaranteed.
      5.3inches penis
      brown skin
      origin: African
      curl hairs

    3. In today’s world the fact that you used the word not normal for a shaved vagina shows the narrow minded, judgemental thinking you have but then from someone like you, who just likes to lay back like a star fish and take it missionary, what can one expect. To each their own but dont shove what you consider normal on others. I shave and would soon laser it permanently, because I like the clean look. I find hair on the body ugly and historically what we needed that hair for, lack of clothing, avoiding cold etc is no longer needed. Hair there to me is like wisdom teeth, no use for them and they just cause irritation. Same goes for arm pits and legs.
      That being said, the article is interesting. I’ve never squirted however I have earth shattering orgasms, then again, my husband is damn good at the job. We will try these techniques, hopefully they work.

  2. I don’t have much time so I’ll be quick….its your mind set that holds you back….if you have a squirting orgasm you won’t mind cleaning up after….be more open minded. .

  3. Really enjoyed the article. I think it’s important to know your body so that you know how to get off in bed. It’s not as great of an experience if your partner is the only one getting off. Makes you feel a bit left out. Sex is alot more enjoyable if you leave your over thinking at the door. You can’t have as much fun if you aren’t in the moment. Be in the moment and enjoy tour organs.

  4. I liked everything about the article except it said that “women don’t experience over sensitivity” that isn’t a proven fact and it so happens I get extremely sensitive after having orgasm(s) to the point I can’t be touched or wash up afterwards for several minutes after having sex

  5. Well I never new about the a spot. More men should know. Old and need info. I have always experienced that they only want to satisfy themselves. Could call it a repeat 1 night stand. Been divorced for many years. I would rather satisfy me. Never got over my Xbox. Have met and dated men that were excellent making LOVE but they were players . What can I say . Looking for love in the wrong Places. Am smarter know but do not want to look or go out Cuzco of games. And they do go on when of older. I give up and will stay by myself

  6. I know I’m late in the game, but the whole apologizing for the little bit of hair that I completely ignored until you said something was very inane. Hopefully, you’ve improved your view on such things because (most of us) get wiser as time passes.

    Otherwise, very informative article. I still see so much misinformation in regards to the a-spot and squirting.

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