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Intro to Dating Sites 101

In a world where face to face communication is becoming a thing of the past, it’s a shame but the reality is that online dating is becoming the norm. Between our busy lifestyles, lack of communication skills and social awkwardness, people are gaining confidence behind their computer screens.

Many men and women want to experiment with online dating because it gives you the ability to date without having to deal with rejection as harshly as we would in person. Not receiving a response from someone whose profile you enjoyed is a lot easier to deal with than being rejected in person.

As a dating coach, I help many people who need help writing and maintain their profiles. I usually manage and write messages, and help people find profiles that they’d be interested in. Despite what many people think, finding someone through an online dating site that you would connect with long-term isn’t so easy. Many young individuals are turning to online dating not solely for the dating aspect, but also so to meet new people, groups of men and women and experience new things.

If you’re new to online dating, I would definitely get a feel for one or more of the free websites because it is not as easy as we’d like to believe it is. Online dating takes time, energy and effort because you have to sell yourself based upon your photos and the little amount of text you write about yourself on your profile. If you are interested in online dating and don’t know where to start, or need help with your profile, e-mail for help.

Since many people ask me what dating sites I recommend I figured I’d share my insight about a couple of them.


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Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is free a dating site targeted towards a younger audience as it is somewhat like a game. After signing up and writing a little about yourself, you then submit and wait for your matches. Each day you’ll get a new match and either like it or pass on it. If you like each other you’ll be able to text with one another, and set up a time and place to meet up. It’s like match+tinder=coffee meets bagel. The matches are personalized based upon your preferences but you have the opportunity to pass or accept before being messaged or messaging anyone else. For young and busy individuals who don’t want to spend the time and energy on an online dating site, this one would be great for you because it does the picking people for you. Go to

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Match is a site that is free to sign up and view your matches, but you have to pay to join and open your messages or message others who you may be interested in talking to. It was one of the first online dating websites, and despite its surplus of online creepers, it also has a good success rate. This is probably the most popular online dating website, but it has become a dating site for a 35-yrs+ audience. A great part of is the events that they host that bring online dating back to the real world. It is also a very diverse dating site, which is wonderful for people who do not have very strict religious  or racial preferences. is kind of like the NYC subway of online dating, it is a place where everyone goes looking for the same thing. Go to



JDate is clearly predominantly Jewish, but there are people on it who are not Jewish but prefer to date Jews. It is also not a free-dating site so I only recommend people who are serious about online dating. I have found that many people on Jdate are either looking for very serious relationships that lead to marriage or casual dating that lead to sex, there doesn’t seem to be a medium. I have heard that many people searching for marriage have had great success with JDate though, so if you’re ready and looking for that special relationship, this is a website to try. Go to

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 9.53.35 AM


eHarmony claims to have a scientific approach to their online dating. I’m not sure how scientific your approach can be when you’re dealing with such a large amount of people but apparently eHarmony has a great reputation for lasting relationships. The man who created it believes that certain characteristics can predict compatibility and lead to more satisfying relationships, so at eHarmony they focus on matching certain characteristics for you.  It is also known to be predominantly Christian, which is awesome for people who have religious preferences when it comes to dating. Find your harmony here at



OkCupid is a great site for young people who want to meet others and casually date. It is free, young and very diverse and the people on this site are very open and honest about what they are looking for which makes the process much easier. OkCupid has a very relaxed feel which is great for users because you’re on it to simply meet new people rather than feel the pressure to find a relationship. This website also has a questionnaire which is quite interesting because once you answer the questions, you can see what others wrote for their answers too, and what your compatibility is. Granted it’s not 100% accurate but it’s a good start and a great conversation starter. I know quite a few people who have met their match on OkCupid and would definitely suggest giving it a shot. You may get a couple of weird one-liners like the one I got when more than one man said, “I want to cover you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado” but hey, doesn’t everyone like some good guacamole? Go find your match, 




I was shocked when I heard about It’s a website for wealthy people, men and women to find others to wine and dine and be arm candy with the possibility of a romantic relationship. There are Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas for men who like to be arm candy too! I know one woman who met her last boyfriend on and when they broke up, she met another man who paid her $200 dollars to go do a bunch of fun things together, and as soon as she or he was bored, he said they would leave. I suppose the website is not supposed to be an escort service, but for any man or woman who is simply looking for money, sex and arm candy, is the site to explore.


Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a free online dating site that is targeted to an older crowd as well, I would venture to guess 35+ is their demographic. Many people enjoy Plenty of Fish because it is free and similar to OkCupid in that it has diverse users all looking for different things. This website also claims to have a method to their madness similar to eHarmony. According to their website, they’ve “created the worlds most advanced matching system. If you are in contact with 100 different singles, 50% of the time your future partner is in the top 10, and 17% of the time we can pick the exact person you will end up dating.” You can find someone to get drinks with, flirt with, have sex with, or simply fall in love with. It’s a place for someone to explore all the different fish in the sea, literally. So, explore the deep end, who needs an aquarium when you have


Meet new people, be open to new things and start dating or Just Blau Me.



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