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More Reasons To Swallow

Semen is something we all have mixed feelings about. It’s white, sticky, and kind of reminds me of an uncooked egg-white. Gross. However, despite it’s bleach-like smell and its funky taste, semen can actually be beneficial for many reasons. Check them out!

dope_101126_semenEnhances Your Mood. You may be acting like a dick, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Semen has the ability to alter your mood and make you a happier person! Apparently if semen is ingested vaginally or orally it can make you feel great! Don’t believe it? Read more, Happy Semen.

ngbbs4bdf3b88c6c52Secret Pen Ink. Remember when we were kids we used to use those pens that were invisible until we shined a light on it? Well, during WWI, Walter Kirke, a British Secret Intelligence Service member came up with a brilliant idea! He decided to use his semen to write secret letters, which works because semen doesn’t react to iodine vapors. It may have been a secret way to write letters, but when people started noticing a funky smell coming from their letters, they became suspicious and stopped using the semen. The only thing they were missing was a cool pen like this to write with!. [Telegraph UK]

morning-sicknessCures Morning Sickness! Gordon Gallup, a SUNY-Albany psychologist found that semen may be the cause and cure for morning sickness in pregnant women. According to Gallup, since half of the DNA comes from the father, the mother’s body may initially think that the fetus is a foreign tissue or infection therefore bringing upon the feelings of morning sickness. Gallup says that the best cure for morning sickness is the same thing that causes it, her partners semen! Gallup also says that the more often a pregnant women is inseminated during the early stages of pregnancy the more tolerant the body is to semen and less likely to feel morning sickness.

Papua New GuineaMakes You More Mature. The tribe called Etoro from the Strickland-Bosavi region of Papua New Guinea believes that swallowing semen helps in the maturation of young men. They even have a ritual in which the youngest male members of the tribe drink their elders’ semen in order to mature sexually and in life, and gain powers from the older members. I don’t know about you, but the thought of drinking your grandpa’s sperm is something that would send anyone off of their rocker. [HealthMad]

71qF8hN87QL._SL1360_Can Be Used For Cooking. Although it may differ in taste from person to person according to the cookbook, Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photoenhauer semen is nutritious and has amazing cooking properties. Semen is home-made, cheap and aside from it’s mood-enhancing qualities, it’s taste is definitely an acquired one. This cookbook explains how semen is a neglected food, and how we can use it more efficiently! For $23 you’ll be swallowing semen in ways you never imagined! [Amazon]

weirdest-beauty-cream-ingredients-250x150It’s An Antioxidant. Many companies believe that semen is filled with antioxidants, and then we wonder why men want to give women facials?  Skinscience and Cmen Beauty are two well-known companies that make beauty products made from semen! [Discovery Health]

4316320349254d854db_1Some Believe It’s A Birth Control. Sociologist Nijole V. Benokraitis wrote a book, Marriage and Families in which he discusses a theory that swallowing semen can be a form of birth control, especially the act of fellatio. Apparently giving head and swallowing can delay fertilization, and strengthen a woman’s immune response of vaginal secretion against semen. To this day, I haven’t found any scientitic proof that can validate this theory, so I would keep wearing condoms, and swallowing your birth control pill along with his semen.  [HealthMad]







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