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Pheromones Stink: Do They Affect Attraction?

People are smelly… but does it affect your sexual attraction?


I know this news may stink, literally, but the smell of a person’s natural pheromones can be a make or break point in a relationship. I once dated someone who had almost everything I could ask for, but the biggest problem in the relationship was that our pheromones simply did not mesh well together, thus I wasn’t sexually attracted to him. I tried numerous ways to get past it like suggesting he wear cologne, or trying to hook up right after he showered, but when push came to shove, our relationship stunk.


Pheromones are scented sex hormones. There is a lot of research about pheromones, which states that women are attracted to the natural scent of a man. When I say natural scent I mean his sweat. It seems gross, but it is his sex hormones that we’re attracted to and vise versa. 

Have you ever dated someone and you…

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