Naked Needs Sex Sex Sex

Naked Condoms Give More Than Protection

naked_dreamAll condoms provide protection but condoms from the brand Naked are not only “the finest condoms in the world,” but they also give back to the people. Naked donates 3 condoms for every 1 that they sell. The Naked Foundation also gives 20% of its profits to increase condom use worldwide by 10%. Basically Naked gives you the opportunity to have safe enjoyable natural-feeling sex, while giving others the ability to do the same as you. Bada bing, bada boom.

nakedcondom_diagMany people will use any condom they can get in the heat of the moment, but if you wear a condom too tight or too loose it can hinder it’s efficacy. The other cool feature about Naked is that their condoms come in 5 different sizes, 45, 49, 52, 54, and 57mm, so your condoms never slip off, get lost inside, leak, and most importantly are as effective as possible.

craftsmanship_singlesEach box of Naked costs $20 dollars for 6 condoms which seems like insanity, but according to its users each sexual encounter with a Naked condom is worth the price. It also has a silicone lubricant which also has great reviews especially for people who have a tendency to have allergic reactions. One consumer said, “I’ve had allergic reactions to the lubricant in every condom I’ve ever tried, naked is the only one that hasn’t. Thank You.”  Silicone lubricant is also great for anal sex because since it isn’t water-soluble it has a tendency to last and stay wet longer.

I’ve yet to try a Naked condom but I’m definitely looking forward to getting Naked next time I have sex,  in more ways than one!

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