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In a world where everything is now hashtagged, tweeted and insta-ed, today I woke up to find out that it is  #TellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay. Sure, I believe we should pay someone a compliment every day, and we shouldn’t need a special day for this, but hey, sometimes people need reminders.

Ladies, it’s also okay to tell a man that he looks handsome! Granted today is not #TellAManHeIsHandsomeDay but who knows, maybe Just Blau Me will start that #hashtag sensation!

Then again, maybe even tell a girlfriend or family member that she is beautiful today, who needs a boyfriend to be complimented, right?


I once picked up a man by simply saying, “you’re very handsome” as I passed by him on the street. He was immediately shocked that I complimented him, but more importantly he came running after me because once he knew I was interested, he wasn’t afraid to show me he was as well.  People in general are attracted to confidence. So, today when you’re walking to get coffee, or on your lunch break, or even at the gym, try telling a woman she looks beautiful today and leave it at that. You’ll undoubtedly make her day.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.25.21 AMI cannot tell you how many times men ask me for pick-up lines or how to start talking to women that they’re interested in. Well, today is the perfect day for all you shy men, especially for those who are afraid to compliment women in person!

While I’m a huge advocate of face-to-face conversation, some people are too introverted or insecure to say what they really feel in person. If you’re one of these shy people, try paying a woman that you’re interested in a compliment today via social media!

  • Post a photo on Instagram of you and the beautiful lady if you’re dating or friends and #TellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay or #Beauty #Beautiful #Gorgeous etc.
  • Tweet @someone and let them how you think they look today, and compliment them. #TellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay #YoureBeautiful #Beautiful #Gorgeous #Pretty #Stunning #JawDropper

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.25.37 AM

If you really want to make a woman’s day and you’re afraid of rejection, the best way to do it is pay her a compliment in person that truly requires no response.

In a woman’s mind, it’s the least creepy, and most appreciated. For example, there is a big difference between walking up to a woman and saying,

“So, I saw you from across the room and think you’re so beautiful and would like to know if you’d like to go out with me.”

In this situation, she’s going to be caught off guard, taken aback and most likely a little intimidated and may not respond the way she would have if you had done it differently. Chances are unless you’re lucky and there is an immediate attraction to one another, many women would respond, “Thanks, but I don’t know you…”

Instead, try doing this: walk up to a woman, or as she’s passing you on the street simply look at her with confidence and say,

“Just thought I’d tell you that you look beautiful today”  or “You look beautiful today” 

The less descriptive, wordy and weird your compliment is the more likely you’re going to get a response or at least some type of acknowledgement from her.

3p9n5qSince this type of compliment doesn’t require her to say anything back, all it does it make a woman feel wonderful. If she’s single, and or interested she will take this opportunity to respond and talk to you. If she’s not feeling it, she’ll most likely smile, say thank you, (unless the biatch doesn’t have manners, which plenty don’t) and keep on going with her day.

Utilize the opportunity to #TellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay or #JustBlauMe


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  1. Very good point, people should not be ashamed to give compliments on a day to day basis. I personally love giving them, and mostly get positive reactions. Of course, once in a while you may get an inadequate response but one should not get discouraged by that.

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