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Be Edgy, Try Edging

1374171568874.cachedFor those of you who watch “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix you’re probably familiar with the lesbian sex, prison life and the term edging, a sexual technique that increases orgasm control. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you do. As someone with a master’s degree in television, radio and film, I can say this is good f-ing television. 

Let’s cum back to my point, ever get close to reaching an orgasm and then lose it? Sure, in the moment it sucks, but there is actually a theory behind doing that on purpose in order to gain orgasm control and also gain strength, power and sexual energy.

This process is called edging.

EDGING: a process which includes masturbating or engaging in sexual activity until that moment right before climaxing or ejaculation and then purposefully stopping in order to delay the climax/ejaculation and make the ultimate release more intense and pleasurable.  It can also be referred to as surfing, peaking or orgasm control. 

Edging may seem like a ridiculous practice, especially since it seems like it’s basically voluntarily giving yourself or your partner blue and pink balls but truth is edging comes with positive effects as well.

People in sexual relationships with both a dominant and submissive, the dominant will actually perform edging on the submissive in order to eventually create a more powerful climax, and a stronger desire for climax as well.


  • Increases orgasm control.  Practicing “edging” over a period of time, especially through masturbation allows an individual to get a better understanding of his or her body and then better control when and how the individual achieves orgasm. If and when an individual learns to understand their body, the signs and feelings that he or she experiences before climax, then controlling how and when you reach that moment alone or with a partner is easier and enjoyable.  By increasing orgasm control, an individual increases their ultimate sexual energy experienced during sexual activity.
  • Makes ultimate orgasm more intense. Masturbating slowly and over a longer period of time can lead to a more intense and excessive orgasm. The more time it takes for you to reach your climax the more intense your body may experience the ultimate experience. Getting close to orgasm, stopping and then continuing to pleasure yourself or a partner makes the desire for climax higher and the ultimate end result much more intense and can actually last longer.
  • Helps with premature ejaculation. Believe it or not, many men of all ages struggle with premature ejaculation. Practicing edging can help with premature ejaculation because it helps the man build up the desire and control of the eventual orgasm.
  • Great for long-distance relationships. Often times when couples are apart one another, each individual in the relationship may masturbate more often than usual in order to overcompensate for the lack of sexual pleasure each partner would physically receive from the other partner. However, if you know you’re seeing your partner in a month, and you practice edging when you masturbate, then when you actually see your partner you may not only have more control over your orgasm, but you’ll have a more intense orgasm when you reach climax/ejaculation.

couple-in-bed-11Instead of thinking of edging as intentional blue & pink balls,  think about this as possibly achieving a better orgasm by yourself or with a partner!

Gain control of your orgasm or Just Blau Me.


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