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25 Things To SEXperience At 25

In celebration of my 25th Birthday, I’ve decided to share some sexual experiences worth trying at the age of 25 years old. Your support and readership means the world to me. Never let anyone tell you no, no is just the beginning! Cheers!

  1. Anal Play. Sure, not everyone wants to enter through the exit without proper thought, but a little tooshie tickling never hurt anyone. Most women and men hesitate to admit they like it, or are simply afraid to try it.
  2. Get a great Blau Job. Apparently giving and receiving blow jobs is not always such a wonderful thing. When teeth, dryness and too much friction get involved, one  can end up with a sack of blue or pink balls rather than a pleasured private part.
  3. Morning sex. The breath may be rancid, but why not start your day in an orgasmic way. If you’re worried about the way your vagina may smell or taste, especially if you had sex the night before, don’t do oral, turn around and stick it in. Good Morning Ya’ll!
  4. Masturbate. Never underestimate the importance of learning to pleasure and appreciating pleasuring yourself. Sex is not something we must rely on others to give us. Learn how to make yourself orgasm, and it will only get easier with someone else.
  5. Use a sex toy with a partner. Sex toys don’t need to be dildos, anal butt plugs or beads, sometimes you can use a vibrator with a partner, or a cock ring, and either you love it or hate it, but at least you’ve tried something new!
  6. Go to a date in a dress without panties on. Imagine how hot it would be to be on a date with someone you’ve been dating, and before the check comes and you go home  you tell your partner you’re not wearing underwear and you’re wet or hard. You’ll skip dessert and calories and burn off dinner at home after.
  7. Try kegel balls. Many people learned all about kegel balls or “ben wa balls” when 50 Shades of Grey came out. Although they may seem a bit intimidating they can make you feel wonderful. Read more here..  or here.
  8. Give and receive an oily, candle lit massage. Sexual activity can be enhanced through lots of touch, different feelings of heat or cold, and smells can affect your mood as well. Try a massage oil with lavender and eucalyptus for a great experience all over.
  9. Get an STD test. Many people don’t understand that STD’s are not something that only happen to a certain type of people. In order to make sure that you’re having sex safely make sure to get a full test for sexually transmitted diseases, including a culture and blood work as they both reveal different results. Many people go once a year to make sure they’re fine, if you really want to be safe, get tested in between partners. Condoms are not 100% and STD’s can be transmitted through oral sex. Ask your doctor for more information on how to be safe while having a healthy sex life! 
  10. Have sex in heels. Sex is enhanced when parties involved are confident individually. You’re less inhibited and will hold back less when naked. Sex is also enhanced when you feel sexy as all hell, trying wearing heels to telling your woman to wear heels during sex, it takes things to a whole new level, maybe use them as handle bars.
  11. Quickie in public. I’m not saying have sex on the line for your drunken McFlurry on Saturday night, but the handicap bathroom at the movie theatre is unisex for a reason.
  12. 69. Before trying this wonderful foreplay exercise, make sure to maintain cleanliness and ladies, read this, The Truth About Assholes. 
  13. Role play. You don’t have to dress up like a nurse and stick a “needle” in his butt, or dress up like a cop or a fireman, although it’s always great to have a fireman around to make things wet when you get too hot.) Try role playing by wearing something that you wouldn’t normally wear, like glasses.
  14. Footsie Foreplay. A friend of mine insists that this so-called “footsie foreplay” is the key to hot dinner dates. In order to take part in this activity one must touch and tickle their partners genitalia  under the table in an attempt to excite them for later. Like she said, “a little playful, you know… HAY, I’ll see you later.”
  15. Sex in the shower. Slippery when wet usually applies when you’re in water, but sex in the shower can cause a bit of friction, with the right lubricant you’ll be slipping in and out of that shower in no time.
  16. Fake an orgasm. I am not encouraging faking orgasms, as it is best to work on achieving the real thing. However, there is nothing like making a man who is incapable of making you cum feel like he just won the olympics. A couple of leg twitches, some spit, a clench here and there, a loud moan and you’re looking like Nora Ephron in “Harry Met Sally”
  17. Get or Give a Blow Job after eating an Ice pop. Temperature can bring a change to oral sex. When going down on a woman, beware that sugary ice pops can cause a woman to get a yeast infection.
  18. Dirty talking. Spice things up, tell your partner how you like it, where you like it or how it feels. Ooh ooh’s and ahh ahh’s become a bit repetitive over time. Check out my article The Dirty Talk.
  19. Do a strip tease. Watch and learn. 
  20. Look at your vagina in the mirror. Sorry guys but when there is a piece of flesh hanging between your legs with two balls attached to it, there isn’t much you need a mirror to see. Ladies, your vagina is something that will be with you for the rest of your life. By 25 if you don’t know exactly what it looks like, you can’t know when you should worry about it looking different.
  21. Take a naked photo. No one says you need to send it, because God knows it never ends up solely where you think it does, but in order to increase sexual confidence, be proud of your naked body. If you’re not, change it.
  22. Watch a porno. Porn can be ficticio
  23. Have sex in your sleep. Consensually of course. There is nothing better than waking up in the middle of having sex with a partner and realizing that you’re having sex, or at least in the middle of foreplay. It is like waking up in a sex dream, and having it not be such a dream after-all.
  24. Name a private part. Sometimes you just need to give a nickname to a private part. It may seem funny but it makes telling your partner that you can’t wait to _____ their ______ much easier. “I can’t wait to get home and eat your unicorn.”
  25. Sexually Skinny Dip. Having sex on the beach isn’t always as glamorous of an idea as it seems to be. Sand, salt, all inside your bodily canals may not feel great, in fact the salt and sand can cause serious irritation. Sex in a chlorinated pool can cause possible infection as well. SO I don’t suggest having sex in a pool, but I do suggest fooling around and engaging in foreplay. The act of being naked while swimming feels great and it’s also a little risqué which can make things a bit more exciting.


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