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Wanna Get Tied Up This Christmas?

Sorry E.L. James, but getting tied up doesn’t only mean using a silk neck tie.

This photo of the Fetish Japanese Silk Bondage Rope by Pipedream Products may seem a bit intimidating, but who says you need to be tied up in this position and make angry faces while doing so? She does look angry, doesn’t she?

Anyway, getting tied up is the perfect way to explore your sexual preferences with a partner. Whether you have your hands ties above your head, behind your back or to the bed for a sensual and oily massage, oral sex session or some good old fashion intercourse, sometimes doing something as simple as being bound can create the excitement you need to spice things up a bit in the bedroom.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.38.37 PM

Many couples start experimenting with bondage by using a common everyday necktie, but using a rope can be exhilarating as it’s something that we don’t use around the house or in our daily lives so it’s solely associated with sexual moments.

Have your partner tie you to the bed post or make two hand slips and put the rope under the mattress so your hands are forced to stay on the edges of the bed.

Bondage can be fun and exciting, but any time we are bound to something, anxiety can become involved. So, one recommendation when using these types of products is using them with someone you truly trust. If you’re nervous, have your partner make them into handles rather than being completely tied up!

This bondage kit is pretty long, but it can be cut!

Fetish Japanese Silk Bondage Rope by Pipedream Products [$9]

Maybe Kanye will tie Kim up with one of these in Bound 3, until the next ridiculous video, enjoy this one.

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