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Why People Close Their Eyes During Sex

Many people automatically assume that if their partner has his or her eyes closed during sex that they’re fantasizing about someone else. However, this may not be the case!

imagesThere are many reasons why people close their eyes during sex, but despite what many think, having sex with your eyes closed is not always a bad thing.

Everyone has their own preferences  when it comes to sex, which means that everyone has sex differently.


Sometimes people close their eyes during sex because they simply like to. People tend to voluntarily close their eyes in trusting situations as it inhibits their ability to see their surroundings. It can make people feel vulnerable, but it can also allow people to simply relax and just let go.

Sex is something that takes concentration, especially when it comes to orgasming. Men sometimes close their eyes to focus on lasting longer, or staying hard, especially if they have difficulty in these areas.

Just The Tip: For men who ejaculate quickly during sex, try to focus on something else in order to delay the climax. *Think of something not someone else.

By focusing on something else, one can do many different things, like switching positions, going back to foreplay, taking a break from the actual act of intercourse and making out or simply closing his eyes in order to think of something that may not be as stimulating.

Women can sometimes close their eyes to focus on achieving an orgasm. Men seem to think that a female orgasm is as easy to attain as a male orgasm is, and for some few lucky women it may be. However, for the majority of women, achieving a full body orgasm whether clitorally or internally through the A-spot is a lot more difficult to attain.


Some things that can get in the way of achieving an orgasm are body-image and sexual and emotional insecurities. Orgasms for women are about 90% emotional. But keep in mind, although we don’t think or hear about it often because of gender norms, men deal with sexual and emotional insecurities as well.

If you feel as though your partner is not looking at you because of your image, try telling them to look at you in a positive way. For example: 

DON’T do this –> 

why don’t you look at me, am I not turning you on?” or “who are you thinking about? You must be thinking about someone else because you’re not looking at me”

DO this –> 

 “I love when you look at me like that” or if your partner doesn’t usually open his or her eyes, try saying something like, “I get so turned on when you look at me like that.” Sometimes, if you’re not comfortable being verbal you don’t even need to say anything, instead you can grab their face and look at them passionately and kiss them once you’ve established eye contact. This may even make you feel closer.

Many men and women, but primarily women note that f&%# buddies tend to avoid eye contact during sex. Sometimes visually avoiding a partner during sex can mean that the partner or partners involved are emotionally not invested in the sex and would like to keep it that way.

Sometimes when you avoid eye contact, you’re avoiding acknowledging the person with whom you’re sleeping with, which can allow for an emotional disconnect.

It is important to note that most people don’t expect to maintain solid eye contact during sex throughout the entire act of it, but occasional eye contact, especially during missionary position can bring two people closer, especially emotionally.

Losing one sense is also known to heighten all other senses. If you close your eyes during sex, or your partner does, don’t necessarily jump to conclusions that it is a negative thing, it could be anything, and maybe they’re just focusing on feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing you.


Just The Tip: Try blind-folding your partner or having he or she blindfold you in order to see how much your sight plays a part in your sexual experiences. 

Use all your senses during sex, or Just Blau Me. 



  1. With my first boyfriend who I loed, I kept my eyes open for sure!! It made everything more intense, in my current situation I avoid eye contact or keep them closed

  2. I guess most people especially women closed thier eyes during sex for ecstasy. Besides, there is more concentration and focus when the eyes are closed. For me i prefer strong eye contact during sex. It makes me feel good and connected.

  3. I used to close my eyes during sex because my bf was ugly as fuk he had a bushy mustache . I closed em with my next fiancé cuz he had a mole on his fo head and it freaked me out n he was a mommas boy then my next Bf I kept em open cause he was fine and he played sports and had the six pack so I kept em open but then I found out he was talkin to some trashy bitch from law dale so my next bf I closed my eyes cause he was dumb as hell then my next fiancé made me look him in da eye da whole time but at the time my situation was diff and I was struggling n had to get it where I could needed a place to stay this was right around March of 09 n the crash of wal street. With my husband now we got kids I close my eyes cause he flat ugly

  4. Becky Howard although i give props for being honest..i cant help but think how anyone could be that shallow. A mole? Your man is flat ugly? What are you doing sleeping with these men? And im sorry i just believe beauty is not skin deep. You can be a model but if your personality is ugly than you ugly. WORD!

  5. I close my eyes. It makes me feel safe. I do not like my body but boyfriend does. He tells me all the time. First time we had sex I had a pillow over my head. next time was a blanket and after that was my arm. As time goes on I start to feel safer, more comfortable. The last time we had sex I didn’t have my arm over my eyes as long but still had my eye closed. Maybe one day I will feel safe enough to have my eyes open. My boyfriend doesn’t pressure me or make me feel bad about it. Which is great! I believe this is why I can slowly get over whatever is stopping me from having sex with my eyes open. I believe sometimes people who have there eyes close might have anxiety.

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