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6 Super (bowl) Sex Positions


Super Bowl Sunday is here and who’s ready to rumble under the covers? Although many people will be in a stadium today, at a bar or a friend’s house, there are also many couples who are hanging home in the comfort of their own homes while watching the big games (and commercials.) Watching sports revs up your adrenaline and fires you up, leading to a need to release. Well, sex is not only an activity that includes both you and your partner but it is also a great way to release a load of adrenaline.


Before the game starts make a bet with your partner:

If (a football team) wins, then you must do (something sexual) to me for (#) minutes. 

If (a football team) loses, then I will do (something sexual) to you for (#) minutes. 

Here are some positions that allow you to enjoy watching football while having sex! Who knew you could do two things you love at the same time?

Reverse Cowgirl This position is great for watching the Super Bowl because you can watch the game with him while enjoying a sexual experience. While your man is laying on his back facing the television, straddle him while facing forward so you can see the TV as well and place your knees on either side of his hips. 

Doggie StyleOut of all the positions, this is the one that many people enjoy most frequently. Men like this position in particular because it allows them to feel as though they are in control, which increases their dopamine (the happy hormone.) Start out laying on your belly and then rise to being on your knees. You should be facing the TV and your partner would enter from behind while facing the TV as well. 

Blow Job –  Although women enjoy watching football too, there are many men who would enjoy watching football while receiving fellatio. Many men describe this exact situation as a fantasy quite often. If you’re feeling generous this super bowl, maybe treat your man to a pleasurable experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for a blow job in return from him to you during the half time show or a commercial, you both deserve it. 

Spooning –  Lay on the couch or the bed in front of your man and if you’re not looking to have sexual intercourse, simply tease your partner throughout the game until it’s over and you can really enjoy one another. You can of course have sex while spooning and watching the game. This position is great for those who are super lazy. 

Pillow Under Belly –  Try laying down facing the television on your belly. Place a pillow under your belly to raise you up off of the bed or couch and make you more accessible to your partner. This enables both you and your partner to not have to move too much and still be in prime position for an orgasm, or in this case, a touch down. 

Sitting Sex – Sit your partner in front of you and lower yourself onto your partner by simply sitting on his lap. By doing this you can manage your weight with your arms and thighs and watch the game together.  If you keep your knees bent during this and practice your kegels you may be surprised by how pleasurable this can be. rotations with his pelvis.



Is it just me, or is this Super Bowl Trophy, Super Phallic?

Enjoy the game or Just Blau Me! 

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