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Shower Sex 101

shower sexSex is something that many people take part in on a daily basis, and so is showering, so why not put the two together? Sex in the shower is a great way to spice things up, so check out these next couple of things before exploring under water!

Wear protection. It has come to my attention that people believe having sex in the shower cannot get a woman pregnant, however this is not true. Sex in the water does not prohibit a woman from becoming impregnated, nor does it help protect from contracting or spreading sexually transmitted infections, so make sure to use condoms.

190744-190858-350x350Use a waterproof sex toy. There are many sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, and cock rings that are waterproof. Many times couples do not need to have intercourse to experience pleasure in the shower. This little waterproof massager is great for first time users, [Adam&Eve, $24.95]

Play around with the temperature. Water can create a very sensual experience, which should be explored. The pressure in the shower, whether strong or light can make a difference in your sexperience too. Think hard pressure versus a rain-like shower, two totally different feelings, right? Cold water can be great as it tends to harden nipples and excite the skin. Try just a splash of it and then use each other to get warm again.

Shower foreplay. Taking a shower with your partner may mean that you’re both naked, but it doesn’t mean that you must have sexual intercourse. Embrace and appreciate the different senses, feelings and touches that you feel while under water with your partner. Sometimes partners do not like to have genital contact when in the shower for sexual safety reasons. While kissing in the shower may not sound like the most exciting thing, you’d be surprised how sexy you can make it.

Explore each others bodies. It is not often that partners have the ability to truly explore each other. The shower is a great place to do this because you are clean so you’re less likely to be self-conscious of smells, tastes and the way your body looks.


Use silicone lubricant. Many lubricants are water-based meaning that they are washable with water. Silicone based lubricants may be a bit stickier but they’re more useful in the water. Using a condom in the shower is definitely the way to go, but sometimes the water creates too much friction. If the friction from water is a problem, try using a silicone based lubricant as it will most likely last longer and decrease the friction. There is a silicone lubricant made especially for women that is hypoallergenic and glycerin-free called “Pink.” Find it here [Walgreens, $17.99]

Use the detachable water head. Not everyone needs to have sex with someone else in the shower. Many men and women use their detachable shower heads to pleasure themselves during shower time. Our bodies are filled with nerve endings, especially our genital regions. The pressure of the water can be just as pleasurable as a vibrator. If you’re comfortable exploring this option alone, maybe try it with a partner in the shower as well. If you do not have a detachable water head, some people use the jets in a bathtub to explore different pressures, especially when taking a bath.

Don’t use soap during sex. Although we all use soap in the shower to clean our bodies, soap can be an irritant during sexual experiences. Make sure to wash away all soap before exploring or wait until after to scrub down. Soap can cause yeast infections and/or urinary tract infections. It can also simply irritate a woman’s vagina considering that it is an internal sex organ.

Enjoy your sexperience in the shower, stay clean and use protection or Just Blau Me.


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