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Couples Therapy Increases Sex

couples-therapy-1Couples therapy is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately many people who would benefit greatly from it are too bashful or stubborn to try it. Receiving therapy as a couple is something relatively new in our culture and society but it’s becoming more accepted and appreciated. Many people know of the famous Dr.Jenn Berman and her show Couples Therapy on Vh1 but not many people know what couples therapy is like in reality because real life is certainly not reality TV.

Couples therapy helps with many different things but it also helps the people in the relationship reassess their relationship as a partnership, who each partner is as an individual, and what they love and appreciate about one another individually and together.

Many times people fall in love and then forget why they fell in the first place. Couples therapists help to remind individuals in therapy of why they love each other and help them find and recreate their desire for one another.

There was a recent study done by counseling professionals on, which proves that couples go to therapy together not mainly because of infidelity, sex or monetary issues but because they feel unimportant to one another. This most important result of this study proved that 80% of people who took place in couples therapy had more sex as a result of it.

Couples tend to argue not because they don’t love each other but because they feel inadequate and unimportant in their relationship, which can negatively affect their sex life.

The Psyche is the part of the brain that controls the body, so when the mind does not feel desired, the body will be less encouraged to take part in sexual activity. Once the couple starts to feel desire from each other again and each person feels important individually and to the relationship as a unity, then the sexual desire returns and boosts the sexual activity.

Although the results of the study do not mention hormonal effects, this may also have to do with the happy hormone dopamine. Although the study does not touch on hormones and its effects on relationships. Couples who experience happiness together, and a feeling of desire have an increase in dopamine, which will also increase the feeling of pleasure.


That is what couples therapy is all about, restoring proper communication between two partners in order to reestablish the original connection that once was lost and can be found. 

–Original Article from [UPI]

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