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Little Rooster: An Alarm Clock For Your Vagina

slider-5Snoozing the alarm clock is something that people do often, who doesn’t like to sleep a little more? But, now snoozing may be even more pleasurable with the Little Rooster, a vibrating alarm clock meant for your clitoris.

The Little Rooster is the world’s first alarm clock that was made to wake you up by the vibrating sensation between your thighs onto your vagina.

The vibrating alarm clock comes with different functions that give you the ability to personalize it to your liking. Their website mentions its ability to Snorgasm: a pleasure snooze button that vibrates for the initial wake-up and vibrates again after 10 minutes. 

Have no fear when it comes to traveling with the Little Rooster in your suitcase, it has a Travel Lock which gives you the opportunity to control when it can vibrate to avoid embarrassment.

The Little Rooster also gives each owner the ability to fully personalize their vibrator. You can adjust how the vibrations start, their pace, when they peak, the snorgasm level,  and how intensely they vibrate as well. It is rechargeable, has different motors for different levels of power, and has twenty-seven silent settings.

You can also use this alarm clock as your every day vibrator, which kills two roosters with one stone.

When it comes to hygiene the Little Rooster is totally safe because it is made of a polycarbonate wipe-clean surface is non-porous which is great because it’s easily washable. It also contains no phthalates, which have been seen as harmful.

is also great for those of you with roommates or partners who wake up later than you as it silently wakes you up in the most pleasurable way! 


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It comes in purple, pink and white and you can buy your Little Rooster here: [LittleRooster, $69] 

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