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Eat a Donut off a Penis: To Do or Donut Do?

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.37.10 PMAs a huge donut fan I felt the need to share an article from Cosmopolitan.com. A young woman, Krista McHarden shared a story about a time when she ate a donut off of her boyfriend’s penis and claimed it was awesome.

But when it comes to doing funky things in the bedroom, there are some things we wonder… to do or donut do them?

McHarden explained that she was simply trying one of Cosmo’s sex tips. Interestingly enough the donut did not break when she placed it on her boyfriend’s penis. After all, donuts are doughy, so they may expand a bit and she even ventured to mention that her man was also pretty well endowed.

He just pushed the thing down and it miraculously didn’t break. I recommend a hearty doughnut. -Krista McHarden

It also depends on the type of donut you get, the more moist the donut is, the more likely it’ll fit around his penis. Make sure if you try this, you pick a flavor you like, and make sure that your partner is NOT allergic to anything in the donut. That could be a donut dick disaster.

McHarden’s boyfriend was a bit skeptical at first and then agreed to this sexcapade, after all what man would turn down a donut, especially one that comes with a free donut? Apparently her boyfriend’s only concern was whether or not he would get a yeast infection from the donut being on his penis.

Can you get a yeast infection on your penis from using a donut during oral sex? Well, using sweets during oral sex can be fun for the person performing, however, it can also mess up your body’s natural pH levels and bacteria which can result in an overgrowth of yeast, which can cause a yeast infection. This is definitely something to be aware of.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.36.00 PM

According to McHarden, who used the donut during fellatio, getting a yeast infection by using sweets during a blow job is more common for a man who is uncircumcised. I would venture to believe it is because there is more skin on an uncircumcised penis, which can trap the sugar and create the overgrowth of yeast.

If you’re going to use a donut during and type of sexual activity, donut worry, just make sure to shower and wash thoroughly afterwards to avoid any chance of infection afterwards.

Overall, McHarden said,

It was basically a regular blowie with a doughnut in the way. What more is there to say? We laughed and laughed, and I started to wish I still had the doughnut with the whipped cream in it because that actually would have been pretty fun. Tasty lube! The glaze, however, was decently helpful in making an ordinary blow job that much more bearable, wonderful and loving.

So what do you think…. would you use a donut during a blow job? 


DONUT Judge, Just Love and stay Honestly Naked.

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To read more about Krista McHarden’s experience, click here: Donut On Penis

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