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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Long Distance Relationship

Top-10-Gifts-WomenValentine’s day is a holiday for romantics, but let’s be honest, it is more of a holiday for women than men. Getting gifts for women is typically not as difficult as women find it to be when shopping for men. You can read here about What Men Really Want for Valentine’s Day but what about when you’re in a long distance relationship?

Recently one of the readers of HonestlyNaked.com asked me for advice:

Dear Carli, 

My boyfriend lives in another state and we’re not able to be together for Valentine’s Day. I want to send him something that’s not too mushy, a little sex, but will also make him laugh, do you have any suggestions?


Distant Valentine

Dear Geographically Undesirable Valentine,

If you’re looking for something funny and sexy to send your man in another state I have a creative idea for you! Go to a local store, and buy a box of tissues, a bottle of un-scented lotion or if you’re really comfortable, buy a great lubricant and put it all in a box or cute V-day envelope with a card and a sexy picture of you. 

Note: Do not send any type of photograph that you wouldn’t be comfortable with someone else other than your partner seeing.

Masturbation is a healthy way to receive sexual pleasure, especially when you’re at a distance from your romantic partner. It is also a safe and guaranteed way to release sexual tension while separated.

Many times men use a lotion or a lubricant in order to masturbate as it creates a slippery and wet sensation similar to what real sex feels like. Men then use tissues to clean up after they’re finished pleasuring themselves.

So you can’t be together for Valentine’s day this year, but you can still put a smile on his face, a tingly feeling in his heart and send him pleasure from miles away.  


Materials needed:

  • A Box
  • Bottle of Lotion or Lubricant
  • Box of Tissues
  • Pretty Picture(s)

Would you send a gift like this to your long-distance partner on Valentine’s Day?

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