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Do Relationships Differ Between Seasons?

Ever wonder why so many people want to have a cuddle buddy during the winter and those same people can’t fathom the idea of being in a relationship in the summer? What we want in relationships differs based upon the seasons because our mood change with them.

Although some researchers have found that the weather does not have an effect on mood, some find a direct correlation between the two.

There is something called Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a type of depression that occurs in people at certain times during the year, most popularly during the winter. The cold, dark and gloomy weather. One person, Keller and his colleagues (2005) examined the connection between mood and weather. They found that higher pressure and temperatures are connected to higher mood. Spring time was the season which encouraged the most happiness because it was relief from the previous Winter blues.

sleepless-man-mainIt seems as though while the effects of seasons on mood may vary, there is one thing that stands out, our moods may stay the same but it seems as though romantic relationships differ between seasons.

With our moods changing from season to season, it only makes sense that our desires in life would change along with our mood because our mood inevitably effects what we want in life.

Single people experience the most love, flirting and attention from others during the summer and the most loneliness in the winter. Some people in relationships have even expressed their trust changes from season to season, and although that may sound a bit bizarre at first, think about it… we’re more likely to go out and socialize during the warm seasons rather during the winter, and we also look and feel better about ourselves in the heat.

The fall sets in and people are beginning to bundle up, wear more layers and go out less often. Instead of going out, people choose to stay home and that is when the loneliness begins to set in. It’s only normal to desire love, affection and romantic affection from someone when you spend so much time alone.

During the winter months, seasonal affective mood disorder begins to set in, depression and sadness lingers and so does loneliness. Men and women want a cuddle buddy and relationship because people don’t like feeling lonely, especially on cold winter nights. The hormones that are released during cuddling and affection also increase mood.

Ever date someone during the winter, and then when the summer comes around all of a sudden he or she is not ready for something serious? Commitment issues are one thing, but sometimes you can blame the weather.

loving-couple-near-beachDuring the spring and summer months, we spend most of our time with little to no clothing on, skin showing, not to mention a beautiful glow. Research shows that the sun and heat is associated with good moods.  It is during these months, that people in the summer tend to enjoy being single because everyone is out and about and the options seem endless, not to mention that everyone looks great. 

Not only do our moods change with the weather, but our desires from relationships change with the weather too. If you’re tired of being cold, and lonely don’t worry, the winter is almost over!

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