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Safe Sex For Seniors: STI Rates Rise For Elderly

It’s no questions that people of all ages take part in having sex and all different types of sex as well. Aside from 15-24 year olds, the second highest percentage of sexually transmitted infections belongs to the geriatric population: people over 65-years old.

80% of people ages 65-90 are engaging in sexual activity, and according to the Student British Medical Journal , the cases of STI’s amongst this demographic has doubled in the last 10 years.

Sexual urges and desires do not go away because people get old. Another reason people of this age group are spreading infections like wildfire is because of where they’re living. Old age homes, nursing homes, assisted living homes are kind of like college campuses. There are only so many people living in one place at any given time, and everyone gets excited, attracted and starts sleeping together.

Viagra and Cialis, along with other penis enhancing drugs are also partially to blame here because many baby boomer adults are capable of having sex for more years of life than they ever had been.

Researchers and doctors also believe that the reason for these high rates is because the fear of creating children is gone, so people are less likely to use condoms as protection. When the fear of reproducing is removed, they believe condoms aren’t necessary.

Although not the most positive of thinking, some elderly people also figure they’re at the last part of their lives, so they aren’t as concerned about contracting something as a younger person may be. 

Nonetheless, whether you’re currently young, middle-aged or old, everyone is going to be old someday, and everyone enjoys having sex, so it’s important that all people practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted infections can be detrimental to your health at any age.

Moral of the story? 

Using condoms when you’re young, middle-aged or old is the only way to engage in sexual behaviors! So next time your mom wants to give you the lecture on using safe sex, turn around and give her one right back!

Stay Honestly Naked with yourself and others, have sex, enjoy it and use condoms.

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