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An Honestly Naked Yoga Instructor [Not Safe For Work]

640_4Yoga is a sport and exercise that people take part in every day. It’s a very popular form of exercise that involves flexibility, touching and deep breathing, which can be seen as sexual.

Yoga can also be beneficial to your sex life as it teaches you to control your breathing and bodily movements, which all play a significant role in your sex life.


One yoga instructor posed for her husband, photographer Peter Hegre. These photos have not only brought light to the beauty of the naked body, but have truly shown the muscles that are used during yoga as well.

Yoga is something that people usually wear clothing for. However, there are certain types of yoga in which require little to no clothing such as Bikram Yoga, which is hot yoga done in a room over 90 degrees, or Naked Yoga, which is yoga class taught with fully nude participants.

While some may see these photos as inappropriate, I ask that you look at these photos with a mature perspective, and an appreciation for the body.

We may not look exactly like her, but each and every one of us possess a body, as she does.  How we choose to utilize, treat and love our bodies is our choice, treat yours well, and be Honestly Naked.

Click the link below to see the original article, which contains more graphic images as well []


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