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Molluscum Contagiosum: A New STI?

waxing_stick.25135904_stdRecently on COSMOPOLITAN an article was written about a young woman who contracted a highly contagious virus called molluscum contagiosum, THROUGH GETTING A BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX!  This virus causes a very contagious skin infection caused by a virus that is usually passed from child to child, but can also be spread through adults, most commonly through sexual contact. Although it is not technically considered a sexually transmitted infection, it is spread through sexual contact and can be on the genitals, so some do consider it as such.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the infection is spread through touching the affected skin. The virus can also be spread when a human being touches a surface with the virus on it (towel, clothes, toys) and once someone has the virus, the bumps can spread to other parts of the body through scratching or simply touching.

The infection looks like this (warning: graphic) and if it is contracted sexually, it can actually show up inside of your vagina or on the penis. The infection is easily spread, which makes it very difficult to get rid of.

According to some websites, it is recommended to let this virus run its course, however professionals and I recommend going to a doctor immediately if this is something that you think you may have, or if you think your partner may have as well as it is so contagious.

It can be treated and in order to avoid continuous infection, you ought to see a medical professional. A dermatologist is probably your best best, but if it is in the genital region, it’s always a good idea to seek a gynecologist (especially if they’re inside your vagina) or urologist too.



Waxing our bodies has become a popular trend in the last two decades and now many men and women are waxing everything from their faces to their assholes. While waxing can be very hygienic, often times in salons that do not specialize in waxing there is a lack of hygiene. This virus is being spread through the wax and what is called

double dippingwhen the waxing technician uses one spatula for all clients. Even if you get a new spatula, if the pot of wax is not brand new and never been used, you’re still at risk.

Wax is a warm place that breeds infection. Think about it: you go and get waxed and they may give you a new spatula that they use only on your bikini or balls and ass, and another one for your mustache and eyebrows but they don’t change the pot of wax… this is a breeding ground for this pesky virus.

Remember: the virus can be spread to all different parts of the body, so don’t lower your cleanliness standards just because it’s a lip/eyebrow wax, you’re still susceptible!

When getting waxed DO NOT be afraid to ask questions regarding hygiene.


  1. Does each client get a new pot of wax?
  2. If not, do they throw away every single spatula after it’s made contact with the individuals body? (This would mean, each time they dip and the wax touches you, they throw that spatula away.)
  3. Have they had any reported cases of Molluscum Contagiosum? You may also want to check the reviews of your salon as well.

If you’re looking for a place to get waxed, here is your waxing check list:


  • They have a new pot for each customer
  • If they don’t, they must use a brand new spatula for every single time that they dip it into the wax, they never “double dip.”
  • They have good reviews online
  • They don’t use tweezers on you for “cleaning up” the job, there is no guarantee that the tweezers has been sanitized between clients! You’re better off with a couple of stray hairs.

When it comes to your body, cleanliness is not something you want to be lenient about. If you’re going to get waxed, regardless of the body part that you’re waxing, make sure that your salon complies with the waxing check list above to ensure your safety!

Stay Honestly Naked with yourself and others! 

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