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Naked News: A New Birth Control That Prevent STD’s?

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_birth_control_ringWhen it comes to safe sex, using condoms is the only way to currently prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections, but this may soon be changing. At a meeting held by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, a new type of birth control was presented as a way to prevent not only unplanned pregnancy but also some STD’s.

The birth control method is a 90-day dual protection intravaginal ring, which secretes two drugs into your body for up to three months at a time. The ring would administer:

  • Levonogestrel: an ingredient used in many contraceptives,  but most popularly used in Plan B, the emergency contraceptive pill.
  • Tenofovir: a microbicide antiretroviral that has been clinically shown to reduce the risk of HIV and herpes when used in a gel form.

As of now, the AAPS researchers have only tested these intravaginal rings on sheep and rabbits, but they are suspected to start human trials this year in 2014. Given that the anatomy of a sheep is more similar to humans than rodents, it seems like these tests may show a promising product in the near future.

This birth control hasn’t been approved yet, and it’ll probably be a while, but it is surely great to know that we’re currently creative a new device that could help women protect from unplanned pregnancies and contracting certain STI’s. Until we see this product, make sure you’re still using condoms!

[Original Article: WomensHealthMag]

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