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Semen Stings! I Think I’m Allergic To My Boyfriend!

Affectionate couple in showerDear Carli,

Recently after sex I’ve been experiencing burning and a feeling of dryness in and around my vagina, but my doctor says that everything has come back negative and my body is healthy. I read your article about semen allergies, and I don’t think I’m allergic to his semen, because I don’t have the reaction when he, you know, goes near me or in me,  so what do you think it could be?

We also don’t use condoms anymore because we’ve been together for a while, and have both been tested. It doesn’t happen all of the time, just sometimes, particularly after we shower and then have sex. I can’t imagine what it can possible be, considering we’re both clean, literally and figuratively. Have you heard of this before? Any help you can offer or advice would be great!


Suzie Shower

rubber ducky scuba diver

Dear Super Clean Shower Sex,

From what you’ve shared, it seems as though it may be something in the shower that is actually causing this irritation to occur. Especially if your doctor has confirmed that neither you or your partner have any infections, including bacterial or yeast infections, which could cause those symptoms. This is also confirming that you’re in a monogamous relationship and neither person is sleeping with anyone else. If both partners have been tested and are completely negative, for sexually transmitted infections, and other bacterial infections it may simply be a reaction that you’re having. The tricky part about allergic reactions is that sometimes we can find the cause and sometimes we can’t.

soapIn this case, it looks like it may be something in the shower that is causing this reaction. Although we usually think of soap as a cleaning necessity, sometimes soap can have a negative effect on the body, depending on what type of soap and especially on the vagina.

Women can be especially sensitive to body soaps, especially bar soap as it has a tendency to clean the body so well, it completely removes the healthy bacteria, and leaves a waxy like film on the skin, causing irritation and excessive dryness. Although YOU may not use the irritating soap, if your partner is using a soap that you’re allergic to, and then your bodies touch, you could still have a reaction to the soap.

Someone once came to me with a similar problem, and the girl was highly allergic to bar soap. She was so allergic that if she used it or it went near her, she would develop a yeast infection from the unbalanced pH levels in her vagina. Her boyfriend really liked to use bar soap, and he continued to use it and she just kept a body wash at his apartment. They thought the problem was solved. However, she was so sensitive, that if he used the soap and then they had sex, the left over soap residue would give her a bad reaction and cause a yeast infection to occur. 

If you’ve read my other article, Lack of Protection Causes More Infections Than You Think, it explains a lot more about pH levels and how it affects your vagina. If you look at the diagram on the right, the pH level of soap is very high in alkalinity, which can knock your pH levels completely off-balance and cause irritation, dryness, and possibly even infections to occur.

dgn_phLevelAnother way to see if it’s the soap or something topical is to use condoms. I understand you’re both in a committed monogamous and tested relationship but condoms can help as a barrier against the soap or whatever is causing the irritation.

Seems crazy, but when you think about it, he was using the soap to wash his body, including his penis with it, and then when they had sex afterwards, she was basically getting the soap residue placed into the one part of her body that really could not tolerate it. 

As soon as we identified the problem, she had her boyfriend stop using bar soap when he knew he was going to see her, and she stopped having the bad reaction! Magic!

*Important* I hope this answer is helpful! Keep in mind, that I’m not a medical professional, so if you’re experiencing any vaginal discomfort, it’s definitely advised that you see a medical professional for further advice.

Until next time, stay Honestly Naked with yourself and others!





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