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Welcome to Erotic FunLand

Funland_WebSlider_finalWe all know that grabbing some balls has helped plenty of people get to the top of Wall Street, but now you can actually climb up a wall by grabbing some balls.

The Museum of Sex is a place that allows people to understand and explore the sexual side of the human body. They have announced that there will soon be a new installation, an Erotic Fairground called Funland!

Funland will include a boob bouncy house made of over-sized breasts and a rock climbing wall made of body parts known as “Grope Mountain.” There will be edible treats and the Tunnel of Love which is a mirrored fun house that eventually leads you to the G-spot, or as the Museum of Sex says, “a mirrored labyrinth that leads patrons on a climactic journey to the Gräfenberg (or ‘G’) Spot.”

The exhibit opens this Thursday, and runs through Spring of 2015, Tickets are $15.50 and if it’s been a while since you’ve had balls or boobs in your hand, it’ll be worth the trip.

Buy your tickets here

Check it out here!

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