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facetune: The Demise of Online Dating

facetune2Photo editing applications and software has officially given our generation the ability to create a dishonest alternate reality, particularly for online dating. Now with this new editing app called facetune you can alter your image to make yourself look flawless in a matter of seconds and it only costs $2.99!

Online dating provides convenience for busy working individuals, but it also makes dating more difficult as it is based solely on appearance.

Sure, we read a little about a person on his or her profile, but if we don’t like what we see at first sight, we won’t even take the time to read the profile, right?

When online dating first hit the scene, in order to appear most youthful and attractive, people just posted photos from their prime times in life. Think about your mom and dad’s Facebook profile, I’d bet they have at least one photo from their younger years in their profile photos.

We live in a twisted world where youth is beautiful, rather than appreciating the beauty of maturity.

Truth is, people are not very honest with their self images. If you’ve ever been on a date with someone you met on Hinge, Tinder or one of the other sites, most likely 2 out of 5 did not look like they did in their photo.

People tend to make their profile pictures from their peak in life, or their best looking moments, not what they look like in reality.

Of course there are some people who are even better looking in person than they are in photos. However, in our technologically inclined world, we tend to judge people based upon their photos, so unfortunately those people may not even have a chance.facetune-by-lightricks

People choose photos that show them at their skinniest or fittest time, but now with facetune you have the ability to keep up with the times and digitally change your body image on your smart phone.

The next time you see someone online on a dating website, and you have interesting banter or think there may be a connection but you’re put off by that persons photo, take a chance in believing in the simple idea of a connection.

That’s the difficulty that online dating has presented to us, sure it’s very convenient for the busy working individual, however it takes away that aspect of the initial attraction, pheromones, face-to-face flirting and the overall chance that you’re more likely to give to someone in person, than you are behind a screen.

As a dating coach I tell my clients not to alter their photos, but rather choose photos that are most consistent to what they look like in person so they do not disappoint nor set a false expectation for those they go on dates with.

Not all people are photogenic, and rather than altering your photos, embrace the way you really look.

I always say, “if you don’t like the way you look, why should someone else?”

Be happy being you, or change it.



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