Naked News

Naked News: 7/6/14



  • The Supreme Court took a very radical step regarding birth control. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Teens are already overly sexually active, but now there is proof that sexting teens are more likely to be having sex. [Counsel&Heal]
  • Sex with no strings attached may actually be beneficial to your health. [TIME]
  • Find out what exam you may be missing at your gyno appointment this year. [CNNHealth]
  • Having trouble getting things done because of your ADD? There are ways! [The Frisky]
  • A new app that shows how devoted you are to your iPhone! [techcrunch]
  • Find out how to live a longer life! [LIVESTRONG]
  • The Vatican actually admits that Catholics do not follow the rules when it comes to sex and marriage! [LA Times]
  • It has been proved that women that wear make-up on their online dating profile pictures are up to three times more likely to be asked out on a date. [Counsel&Heal]

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