Naked News

Naked News 7/13/14

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Naked News

  • Naked art or art from erotica?  [Babeland]
  •  A remote-controlled contraceptive chip becomes a possibility for women in the years to come. [BBC News]
  • At this day in age, why is it still so hard for certain women or men to call themselves ‘feminists’? [Cosmopolitan]
  • Can bad habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee actually protect people from developing liver disease? [HealthDay]
  • New survey shows that sleeping naked can actually contribute to the success of a relationship. [The Independent]
  • Study reveals that simply 2 questions may be all it takes for a doctor to identify a potential or real drinking problem. [BJGP]
  • The sweet smell of perfume preventing aging and healing wounds. Check it out: [Counsel&Heal]
  • A Judge in the UK deems man as not being a ‘classic rapist’ after having raped an unconscious woman. [The Frisky]
  • A teenager from Washington leaves a shiver inducing message in her journal before she disappears. [CBS]
  • Texas Politician fights for women to have the right to control their own bodies. [Cosmopolitan]

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