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Why We Have a Type

photoThe truth is, although photos give us the ability to remember the past, they don’t capture the same image as the human eye does. In fact, it’s not the actual eye that sees at all to begin with. If you’re on @Instagram, a person by the name of @humansofny posted this picture –>

It’s quite fascinating when you realize that brain is what actually sees, the eye just transmits the image for us. What we see through our eyes is based upon memories, feelings and what we want to see.

Think about that for a minute…

When we see someone who reminds us of someone we may have liked in the past, it triggers memories, feelings and desires associated with those images. And then we wonder why people tend to have a type. 

People like to associate certain images with specific feelings because it is our brain that decides what we see, and more importantly how we see it.

If you’ve dated dark hair, dark eyes and big lips and that has always made you sexually aroused, perhaps it’s because of the feelings your brain experienced when you see someone with that specific look.

The consistency of appearance can remind the brain of what once felt good, and recreate a similar feeling of attraction, even with someone new.

Aside from what our brain recognizes as attractive, scientists have also proven that a good waist-to-hip ratio, symmetrical features, hormone levels and genetic fitness all play significant roles in the type of person we’re attracted to.

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