Naked Needs

SexFit: The Penis Pedometer

Want to track your penis thrusting? Now you can!

SexFit-Logo-150x150Everyone is so obsessed with tracking their health; we track our miles, calories, heart rate, and now with a new product called “Sex Fit” we can track thrusts per minute and even calories burned during sex.

British adult retailer, Bondara, has created a pedometer for the penis which gives users the ability to track sexual performance and share results with friends and/or partners.

When we were little, boys used to use rulers, measure their penis’s and tell their friends how many inches they were lucky enough to measure. Now we can share inches, and thrusts with our friends, what’s next?


SexFit is a cock ring that sits on the base of the penis, which traps blood, and helps maintain erections, it also has an accelerometer to measure the speed and thrusts per minute. SexFit also wirelessly syncs with its smartphone app to allow you to track your sexual performance. It also fits and still works on top of a condom! (wrap it up.)

Although this may sound like a crazy idea, it could be great for clients who want to measure their sexual performance. If a client ejaculates too quickly, it may be a good idea to measure how fast your thrusts are leading up to the ejaculation. Or on the flip side, if a man takes a long time to ejaculate and its affecting his partner, it may be interesting to track thrusts and measure how long he is actually going for, and track progress made.


SexFit is made for the penis, but women can benefit from it as well. It has a vibration mode, which can be quite enjoyable for a woman who is sexually active with a man using SexFit. The vibrations can be set at specific intervals, or maintained at a steady vibration. It also helps a man maintain an erection for longer, which for some women is enjoyable. Note to men: lasting for a very long time is not always enjoyable for all men or women. 

SexFit has five LED lights which light up when you hit a steady rhythm during sex. Basically Bondara has created a product that makes your penis light up, vibrate, stay erect and measure how long you last, and how steady your thrusts are. Luckily, the holiday’s are around the corner!

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