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Like The Smell of A Vagina?

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.28.29 PMVULVA Original is a company that created a scent that is meant to smell just like a natural vagina. Although it is meant to be worn, it is NOT a perfume, its just a odorous substance meant for individuals to wear to simply “satisfy your smelling pleasure.”

vo6According to VULVA Original, has been created after many tests of different vaginal aromas from all different women had been tested. The smell is said to recreate the smell that vaginas produce through movement and sweating in the vaginal area. Most people shower to avoid that smell, but to many that smell can be quite arousing. Particularly because of pheromones, think about it like this, the same way the smell of a a hot and sweaty man who just came home from the gym may vo5evoke sexual feelings, the scent of a vagina can do the same. It is said to be somewhat musky.

VULVA Original comes in a roll-on applicator and is meant to be worn anywhere from your hands for a gentle erotic sensual arousal, or it can also be worn on other parts of your body too for both you and your partners pleasure. Men typically wear it to excite themselves, or simply because some men find the vaginal smell to be very enjoyable; but hey, who is to say that women wouldn’t like it too?

Buy VULVA Original here for just $33!

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