Naked Needs

The Toy That Can Get You Pregnant

baster_31Throw away your turkey basters,

The Semenette is here to squirt your troubles away! 

The Semenette is the first life-like sex toy designed to help couples become impregnated with the use of real sperm. No, The Semenette does not come with sperm, but it does come with interchangeable plastic tubing that users can use to suction either from their partners or a donors semen, and then ejaculate it into the vagina as a penis would naturally do. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.46.24 PMThe Semenette is 100% silicone, phthalate and latex free (which is great for your vaginal health) and it doesn’t just have to be used as a device for impregnation, it can be used as a strap-on as well. It has a natural-like feeling to it, and is ideal for lesbian couples, transgender individuals, disabled individuals who are unable to ejaculate and are trying to conceive, or single women who want to conceive with sperm from a sperm bank. 

The Semenette is specifically appreciated by the transgender community, particularly FTM (female to male) trans individuals who have not received a sex-change and would like to mimic the natural ejaculation of the penis into a vagina. The dildo fits into most harnesses for strap-on usage and is made for “dual-use” meaning that it is not solely used for reproduction purposes, it can be solely used for pleasure.

“Using The Semenette feels more authentic, in a sense, because the non-conceiving partner actually gets to feel like they’re making a baby and actually getting their partner pregnant. The Semenette provides a level of intimacy that’s on your terms…there’s nothing like this on the market.”- Curve Magazine


The toy comes in three different skin tones and each one comes with 3 replacement tubes and one bulb that is used to squirt the semen or substance. It is recommended that the tubes are replaced with each use for hygienic reasons. A replacement kit of more tubes can be purchased separately. 

The Semenette costs $139.95 and the replacement kit is $49.95

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