THINX: The Ultimate Period Panty

THINX about period panties—we all have them. The stained, worn panties we use as back-up for our period days when leakage becomes our middle name. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.54.22 PM

How it works

The underwear tackles the four major things that we need during our periods:

KEEPS YOU DRY –  It is moisture-wicking, meaning that it is going to keep you dry when your tampon has let out some leakage

ANTI-BACTERIAL – It is anti-microbial and able to fight bacteria with an invisible silver treatment.

HOLDS IN YOUR LIQUIDS – It is absorbent and can hold the equivalent of two tampons worth of liquid, depending on the style you are wearing.

DOES NOT LEAK – It is leak resistant so you can still wear your favorite white pants during your least favorite days of the month.


Are tampons and pads still needed?

If you’ve got a LIGHT period every month, you’re probably fine just wearing the underwear. But for normal periods, THINX totally eliminates the need to wear panty liners and makes a great back up plan to your tampon, pad or menstrual cup when they leak. Each pair of THINX has a top layer that is able to collect your spillage and absorb it into the fibers in the middle of the underwear so you still feel dry and do not need rush home to change your undies.

Anything else you should know?

There are a variety of options.  Thongs, cheeky undies, and hiphuggers, which all vary their protection level. The thongs are meant to be worn on your lighter days, the cheeky’s on your medium days, and the hiphuggers for your heaviest days. The underwear holds between ½ to 2 tampons worth of liquid, so no worries if your leakage is a few drops or a downpour.thinx-2

You have to choose your panty based upon your expected leakage: Although THINX guarantees to hold your spillage, you know your body better than anyone else. If your lighter days are equivalent to someone else’s medium days, be aware of that, and wear your THINX accordingly.Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.02.51 PM

They obviously need to be washed after each wear, so you’ll need to buy a few.They’re affordable: THINX ranges in price from $24-$34, so it is not too serious of an investment, and who doesn’t want to invest in the insurance of not having your period all over your favorite outfit if you happen to leak. [SHETHINX, $24-34]


For every 1 pair of THINX sold, 6 pairs of Afripads are donated! THINX send funds to AFRIpads, which helps girls and women in Uganda. AFRIpads hires local Ugandan women and trains them to sew and sell reusable, washable cloth pads, which then turns these women into entrepreneurs. Their mission is to help create a sustainable ecosystem for women around the world. Learn more here!


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