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These Condoms Actually Test for STD’s!

Would you want to find out you’re positive for a STD right after you put a condom on before you do the deed?

While it may seem quite anxiety provoking, three British teens just invented condoms that change color when it detects the presence of an STD. This brilliant idea won first place in the health category at the U.K.’s TeenTech Awards in June.

The Washington Post explains “there weould be antibodies on the condom that would interact with the antigens of STDs, causing the condom to change colors depending on the disease… For instance, if the condom were exposed to chlamydia, it might glow green—or yellow for herpes, purple for human papilloma virus and blue for syphilis.”

Although the idea is great, it does have some things to straighten out before it hits the market.

Muaz Nawaz, 13, Daanyaal Ali, 14, and Chirag Shah, 14, present their S.T. Eye project to judge Christian Jessen. (Tracey Croggon/
Muaz Nawaz, 13, Daanyaal Ali, 14, and Chirag Shah, 14, present their S.T. Eye project to judge Christian Jessen. (Tracey Croggon/

How it works:

In these condoms a layer of molecules, which the group has named S.T.Eyes. The condom works when these molecules come in contact with bacteria — if the bacteria is an STD the condom will react causing it to emit one of the four colors that represent different sexually transmitted infections.

Who would it help:

Who WOULDN’T it help is the question? Condoms help everyone have safe sex lives — period. It would help everyone who uses the condom, as it would notify partners of their infection status. It is also great for individuals who are frequently sexually active as it takes a while for infections to develop (there is a 2 week incubation period from the time of contraction to the time you test positive for most sexually transmitted infections), so this condom would keep you safe, and tell you if you ARE in fact positive.

Our take on it:

When these revolutionary new condoms hit the market we will have the opportunity to be able to detect STD’s easier than ever before. The only problem is that these haven’t come on the market yet! (Total bummer!) Although these teens have created a brilliant item, one problem with this product is that there are more than four sexually transmitted infections, so while it may become an excuse for people to not get tested (you should always get tested), it won’t show results for all STD’s. We haven’t seen them in the flesh (or shall I say, on?) but hopefully they’re comfortable too.

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