Don’t Have An Affair With Ashley Madison

Meet Ashley Madison. No this isn’t the name of some hot porn star or sex therapist, it is a dating website for people who want to have an affair.


Their slogan? “Life is short, have an affair.” Seems pretty straight forward if you ask me. The website is currently offered in 49 countries and in 19 different languages. As of May 2015, the website gets about 120 million visitors a month. Do the math… that is a lot of planned affairs.

The site is also catered to both gay and straight individuals. It is also used by single people as well, but more focused on individuals looking to have an affair.


So, why do people cheat?

Men and women love to be desired and more importantly needed. In fact, one of the main reasons people cheat is because they don’t feel needed anymore, which leaves them wanting to be needed by someone else; even if it means just for sex.

Individuals that cheat on their spouses are often comfortable in their relationship and have economic stability, but are missing the spice that they once felt with their spouse. By cheating, especially through Ashley Madison, men and women are able to feel desired by other people without having to cheat on someone they may know through their personal circle of friends or work.

When one person in a couple feels as though his or her sexual needs are not taken care of by his or her spouse, he or she is bound to look somewhere else. Men are actually more likely to cheat if their partner is refusing to give them oral sex. Bottom line is: when it comes to couples, sex is a big part of a relationship; it’s safe to say, If your partner isn’t getting sex from you, they are going to go get it from someone else.

Aside from possibly catching an STD and transmitting it to your spouse after cheating, another thing to be wary of is that these sexual cheating relationships can become emotionally involved as well, and possibly lead to not only problems, but divorce.


How is it that we live in a world where there are websites that are solely devoted to creating affairs? We have a narcissistic need to consistently be needed. It’s scary enough that these websites exist, but they also do extremely well and get a ton of business.

We should be empowering both friends and strangers alike to work through their respective relationship issues, both emotionally and physically, before resorting to having an affair, and seeking out help from AshleyMadison.com.

Using this website is not a true fix to whatever issues a couple may have going on their relationship and will in the end turn these fixable problems into relationship breaking mistakes. This is where therapists like Carli come into play, so couples can reignite their flame, rather than seeking a spark with someone else in other places.


  1. It’s really, really, sad and symptoms of the complete moral bankruptcy, lack of empathy and complete selfishness of many people nowadays; ‘my needs come first,’ seems to be the mantra today.

    People are now just too morally lazy and emotionally weak to actually try and make the best of what they have. What do this when there are so many choices out there.

    A website like this which actually makes money by encouraging deceit is disgusting and sickening.

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