19 and Vibrating

College students are very sexually curious and often open about their sexual experiences but something that college students, mostly girls, are not so open to talking about are vibrators.

It got me thinking, what is all the taboo about?

We know guys masturbate constantly, so why are girls ashamed or scared to do the same? Owning a vibrator is healthy and fun, it can even be something you can be proud of. 

In general, teenage girls are embarrassed to admit they have vibrators because admitting it would them seem like they’re sexually advanced and slutty. They won’t admit it because they will think other people will think less of them because sexuality isn’t something we are “supposed” to talk about, especially as women.

Boys have a very different opinion about vibrators. While some feel that it is emasculating because they don’t feel needed or sufficient enough, others find it to be a turn on to watch girls masturbate, whether with their hand or a toy.


When I brought the topic up to multiple people they all had different explanations.

What do girls think about using vibrators?

  • “I have a vibrator and I’m totally not afraid to admit it.”
  • “Most women lie about having a vibrator, but in reality almost all women have used one at some point or another.” She then went on to say that her “friends at school always use them with their boyfriends.”
  • “All girls use vibrators with their boyfriends or have masturbated in front of their boyfriends with a vibrator to turn them on. My boyfriend would think that he was doing something wrong though if I was using one to get off.”
  • “Whatever pleasures you is what you should go for, but I prefer to be tied up.”
  • “Maybe because sex itself has become such an open topic that more people want to say they are having sex so they feel part of the conversation.”
  • “When girls say that they are using vibrators, than they think aren’t part of the norm, and everyone wants to be a part of the norm.


So, what do boys think about girls using vibrators?

Guys said:

  • “They are weird to use but I think girls masturbate a lot more than they say they do. Most of my friends think it’s hot when girls masturbate.
  • “Hell yeah, vibrators are hot!”

What do gay guys think about using vibrators? 

The third guy that I spoke to, who is gay, said, “Vibrators are perfect for long distance relationships and although I don’t use a vibrator I does enjoy using vibrating cock rings.”


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