Could My Engagement Ring Cursed?

h-BAD-ENGAGEMENT-RING-348x516Every woman dreams of the day she receives a diamond engagement ring, but would you still want the diamond if you knew it was cursed?

The other night I was talking to a woman in my building and we got to talking about engagement rings and diamonds… funny how that always happens when people talk to me nowadays. Anyway, she took my hand and said, “when you go to pick out your stone, make sure you hold it in your hands, see how it makes you feel, what emotions does it bring out in you.

I was thrown off a bit at first, and then she said, “diamonds are always bought with emotion, and they have energies that they continue to carry through their years.” I’m not one to believe in energies and stuff, but she had a point. People buy diamonds for other people as a token to show love/appreciation. If the stone has been associated with bad energy (such as divorce, death, abuse, stealing, lying, etc.) then stay away from it.

I got home and immediately started googling the topic. Sure enough, I read all about the Hope Diamond, which was apparently cursed after it was originally stolen in India. How did people know it was cursed?


According to legend it continued to hurt people for many years after being bought and sold. It now sits in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.  to protect people from continuously being cursed by the stone.

Although a skeptical topic, it is definitely something to think about considering everything in the world has energy, even diamonds. I spoke to someone in the industry and she said,

“I’ll never buy a stone that’s been sold from a divorce or a bad marriage, I wouldn’t feel right re-selling it knowing the energy that is attached to it.”

There can be many positive aspects of using a diamond that was passed down, previously owned and purchased from someone else. I wrote all about them in my article, Ask Carli: Is It Weird To Use My Mom’s Engagement Ring For My Engagement? 

However, if you’re one to believe in energies, or bad juju it may be a good idea for you to feel the stone and see how it makes you feel. If you don’t know where your stone came from, or you were not able to feel it before, be conscious of the feeling you receive when you receive it.

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