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Are YOU Good Enough For The League?

In this new era of dating apps, there is one in particular that is different than the rest, The League.


What is the League?

The League is a dating app that is trying to make the whole online-dating world less hectic and more selective. As of now, many dating sites make their members feel like their trying to find needles in the haystack. There is an abundance of people, but at the end of the day, to be honest, we tend to date within our social class and The League gives you the ability to do just that.

The League is currently only accessible in New York and San Francisco. The company has come up with a unique algorithim that only allows a select group of people to use the app based on LinkedIn resumes in hopes to increase overal selectivity. The League is very interested in having users with ambition to date long-term, not bang real quick.

Once you are accepted to The League you are given two VIP passes to give to friends who will then be able to skip the whole waiting process and join the app.

Since the launch of the app, The League has about 100,000 people on its waiting list—16,000 of which live in New York City.

Why use it?

What makes The League different from other dating apps is that there is a standard that you have to meet to become accepted, therefore, you aren’t going to be matched up with any “fixer-uppers” or people who are not up to par with where you are in your successes in life (aka: education, job, religion & interests.)

Unlike Tinder and other dating apps, The League doesn’t give just anyone access to the app. Think of The League as a digital matchmaker. When you are looking for your next match, you are looking for someone successful, ambitious, and driven, The League will find you just that.

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One comment

  1. You’ll find 99% a woman desiring a man with similar education and level their career is at (or above)
    The majority of men just want hot and smart enough to chat with not equal or above.
    This site was made by woman for woman. It’s a start but we need the other gender to come to the party, and I can’t see that working too well. Men love cheeky and lovable over alphafemale. It’s sad but true.

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