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Alcohol: The Social Lubricant That Ruins Your Sex Life

Alcohol may very well be a great social lubricant; it helps people feel more confident and gives them the ability to overcome sexual inhibitions. However, the reality is that although alcohol may make socializing easier, it can lead to many difficulties in your sex life. (Springer)


Alcohol is technically considered a vasodilator, this means it makes your blood vessels dilate and get larger. This is why if you’ve had a few drinks and fall down, or get a cut, you will bleed a lot more than if you didn’t have the alcohol in you. Yet, users who drink periodically or

Aabsolute-impotencelcohol causes erectile dysfunction. While  used to be something that people associated with older men, but ED does not discriminate, it affects men of all ages, and one of the reasons for this is actually alcohol.

It reduces sensitivity in your pleasure parts.
However, it is also a central nervous system depressant, so it takes away your bodies ability to have proper functions it needs, especially for sex: respiration, sensitivity in nerve endings, and circulation. [Brown] When your CNS is depressed from alcohol your body doesn’t breathe, feel or achieve arousal the same way it would if your CNS were normal.

Alcohol is dehydrating. You know when someone has been drinking they start to get that smelly breath, I notice it all the time because I don’t drink, but that is from dehydration. When your body is dehydrated it lacks the ability to maintain a certain amount of blood needed to bring oxygen to your body parts to produce erections in men and lubrication in females.

Let’s just say that vaginal dryness and limp penises don’t go well with sexual intercourse, foreplay or oral sex. Trust me.

When you’re vagina is dry and/or hurts or your penis won’t stay hard, not only will it be difficult to become to have any time of sexual contact, it will kill the mood before you can even get started.

Creates headaches & fatigue. While sex is a pain reliever, it isn’t enjoyable when you’re head is spinning, pounding and you’re exhausted and hungover. man-shrugging-in-bed-with-woman

Impairs your ability to focus. Part of the reason that alcohol causes erectile dysfunction in men is because achieving an erection not only takes significant blood flow, but it also takes some concentration. When you’re under the influence it is more difficult to focus on getting a hard-on, and more importantly once you’ve become erect, maintaining it becomes difficult too.

It can delay or prevent orgasm. Alcohol can actually keep men and women from achieving orgasms.

 In 2004, a study found 11% of alcohol users were likely to have problems reaching orgasm. The men had difficulty ejaculating while the women needed much more stimulation to have an orgasm than women who had little or nothing to drink. [Springer]

sexual-health-week-2009-bottle-unplanned-pregnancyCan cause trouble getting pregnant.  Alcohol use over a period of time can actually make it more difficult for couples to get pregnant. On top of menstrual and fertility problems, alcohol can also lead to difficulties during pregnancy too. [DrinkAware]

Makes you less likely to use protection. There is no question that drinking decreases awareness. Studies show that individuals who drink are less likely to use protection when under the influence opposed to individuals who are sexually active and not. While there are prophylaxis treatments that can be given after un-protected sex, as well as the morning after pill, infections can still be transmitted from not using a condom.

More likely to be taken advantage of.  Considering that alcohol impairs your judgement, and ability to maintain control it is often associated with date rape drugs, and rape in general. Many people drink to the point of “blackout” where they don’t recollect anything from their day/night partying; this incoherence can lead you to being taken advantage of, and the scariest part is not that you don’t know what the person may have, but that rape comes with psychological trauma that lasts for years.


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